Grand Council of Aargau

The Grand Council of Aargau (German: Grosser Rat) is the legislature of the canton of Aargau, in Switzerland. Aargau has a unicameral legislature. The Grand Council has 140 seats, with members elected every four years.

At the last election, held on 8 March 2009, the electoral system changed, which, along with the emergence of the Green Liberal Party and Conservative Democrats, saw the number of parties in the legislature increase significantly. The Swiss People's Party remained the largest party in the legislature, with 45 seats: more than twice as many as the next-largest party, the Social Democratic Party. However, the four main parties all lost ground, with the Green Party and smaller parties picking up seats.

 Summary of the 8 March 2009 Aargau Grand Council election results
Party Ideology Vote % Vote % ± Seats Seats ±
Swiss People's Party National conservatism 31.92 +2.61 45 −1
Social Democratic Party Social democracy 15.73 −4.24 22 −8
Christian Democratic People's Party Christian democracy 15.02 −2.62 21 −5
FDP.The Liberals Classical liberalism 14.30 −2.70 20 −4
Green Party Green politics 8.89 +1.48 13 +6
Evangelical People's Party Christian democracy 4.47 −1.50 7 −1
Green Liberal Party Green liberalism 3.46 N/A 5 N/A
Conservative Democratic Party Conservative liberalism 3.06 N/A 4 N/A
Federal Democratic Union Christian right 1.76 +1.28 4 +4
Swiss Democrats Nationalism 1.24 −0.10 2 +2
Others 3.14 N/A 0 N/A
Total 100.00 140
Source: Canton of Aargau
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