Granby Bisons

The Granby Bisons were a Canadian junior ice hockey team based in Granby, Quebec. They were founded in 1981 in after the team moved from Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, where they had previously been known as the Sorel Éperviers. The Bisons played at Arena Leonard Grondin in Granby. In 1995 they were renamed the Granby Prédateurs. Today they are the Cape Breton Eagles. Notable former Bisons include Patrick Roy, Pierre Turgeon.

Granby Bisons
CityGranby, Quebec
Operated1981 (1981) to 1995
Home arenaArena Leonard Grondin
Franchise history
1969–77Sorel Éperviers
1977–79Verdun Éperviers
1979–80Sorel/Verdun Éperviers
1980–81Sorel Éperviers
1981–95Granby Bisons
1995–97Granby Prédateurs
1997–2019Cape Breton Screaming Eagles
2019–presentCape Breton Eagles

NHL alumni

Season-by-season record

OL = Overtime loss, Pct = Winning percentage
1981–826414491290.2272714548th, QMJHL
1982–837020482420.3003434696th, Lebel
1983–847031381630.4503083485th, Lebel
1984–8568224321470.3383284286th, Dilio
1985–867223463490.3403334445th, Dilio
1986–8770481841000.7144163181st, Dilio
1987–887023443490.3502943704th, Lebel
1988–897032353670.4792863277th, QMJHL
1989–907020491410.29322734010th, QMJHL
1990–917034306740.5292272315th, Lebel
1991–927025423530.3792913555th, Lebel
1992–937023461470.3362884146th, Lebel
1993–947230402620.4312973096th, Lebel
1994–957231365670.4653142944th, Lebel
1995–9670561221140.8143891911st, Lebel
1996–977044206940.6713042102nd, Lebel


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