Granatspitze Group

The Granatspitze Group[1] (German: Granatspitzgruppe), sometimes also the Granatspitz Group, is a sub-group of the Central Alps within the Eastern Alps. Together with the Ankogel Group, the Goldberg Group, the Glockner Group, the Schober Group, the Kreuzeck Group, the Venediger Group, the Villgraten Mountains and the Rieserferner Group, the Granatspitze Group forms the main range known as the High Tauern. The Granatspitze Group is located in Austria in the federal states of Salzburg and Tyrol. Its highest summit is the Großer Muntanitz, 3,232 m (AA)

Granatspitze Group
Muntanitz, the highest mountain in the Granatspitze Group
Highest point
PeakGroßer Muntanitz
Elevation3,232 m above sea level (AA)
Range coordinates47°04′00″N 12°35′00″E

The Granatspitze Group is located in the central part of the High Tauern. The Felbertauernstraße road is the boundary of the group in the west. The group is rather overshadowed by its more famous neighbours which include the Großglockner and the Großvenediger. The range takes its name from the Granatspitze, 3,086 m above sea level (AA)

Neighbouring ranges

The Granatspitze Group is bordered by the following other mountain ranges of the Alps:


All named three-thousanders (main peaks in the Granatspitze Group):[2]

  • Großer Muntanitz 3,232 m above sea level (AA)
  • Kleiner Muntanitz 3,192 m above sea level (AA)
  • Oberer Muntanitzpalfen 3,170 m above sea level (AA)
  • Luckenkogel 3,100 m above sea level (AA)
  • Stubacher Sonnblick 3,088 m above sea level (AA)
  • Granatspitze 3,086 m above sea level (AA)
  • Vordere Kendlspitze 3,085 m above sea level (AA)
  • Hintere Kendlspitze 3,085 m above sea level (AA)
  • Kalser Bärenkopf 3,079 m above sea level (AA)
  • Gradötz 3,063 m above sea level (AA)
  • Stellachwand 3,060 m above sea level (AA)
  • Grauer Schimme 3,053 m above sea level (AA)
  • Wellachköpfe 3,037 m above sea level (AA)
  • Äußerer Knappentröger 3,031 m above sea level (AA)


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