Granatnik RGP-40

The RGP-40 (Revolver-type Grenade Launcher, 40mm) or GA-40 is a six-shot revolver-type 40mm grenade launcher designed and produced by WAT and OBR SM Tarnów for Polish Armed Forces. Its design is heavily influenced by the M32 MGL.

Granatnik RGP-40
Final version of Granatnik RGP-40, it has design similarities to M32 MGL
TypeMultiple-shot Grenade Launcher
Place of originPoland
Service history
In service2010-present
Used byPolish Armed Forces
Production history
DesignerWAT and OBR SM Tarnów
ManufacturerOBR SM Tarnów
Barrel length250 mm (9.8 in)

Cartridge40x46mm SR
Caliber40 mm
Feed system6-round, revolving, swing out-type cylinder
SightsReflex sights
has built-in Picatinny rails


The first prototype was created in 2008 and was revealed during the MSPO 2008 Kielce exhibition. The weapon is visually similar to the South African Milkor MGL, especially the M32 MGL variant. Its final mass production design may be different from the proposed prototype. It is planned to replace the stock with a grenade launcher-specific proprietary telescoping stock, among some other things used in the prototype to improve ergonomics and functionality.

According to plans, the main recipient of RGP-40 would be the Polish Armed Forces, which according to the estimates, would require about 500 multiple-shot grenade launchers. Other potential buyers of this weapon can also be Police, Prison Service and other Law Enforcement forces that need weapons with high firepower capable of firing tear gas and non-lethal ammunition.[1]

Design Details

The RGP-40 is a shoulder-fired 40 mm grenade launcher with a six-round spring-driven revolver-style magazine capable of accepting most 40×46mm grenades. The spring-driven cylinder rotates automatically 60° while firing, but it must be wound back up after every reloading.

The main element of the weapon is the frame to which a revolver-style magazine is attached. While shooting the drum is rotated 60 degrees by the springs wounded back up when loading the cartridges into weapon.

The magazine is capable of holding 6 rounds. Chamber of cartridge has a length of 140mm, which allows the user to use both combat ammunition and special longer cartridges.

Before loading cartridges, the magazine must be rotated to left or right (Magazine is of Swing-out type cylinder type).

RGP-40 uses a double-action trigger. To prevent accidental engagement and firing, there is an ambidextrous safety selector at the top of pistol grip.

RGP-40 is equipped with a Picatinny rail on top of the magazine and three rails surrounding the barrel. It is also equipped with a telescopic buttstock that can be rotated vertically for better weapon handling.[1]


  •  Poland: Used by Polish Armed Forces and Law Enforcement.

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