Grade I listed buildings in Torridge

There are over 9,000 Grade I listed buildings in England. This page is a list of these buildings in the district of Torridge in Devon.


Name Location Type Completed [note 1]Date designated Grid ref.[note 2]
Entry number [note 3]Image
Church of St Andrew Alwington, Torridge Anglican Church 17th century 20 February 1958 SS4046923157
50°59′08″N 4°16′27″W
Church of St Peter Ashwater, Ashwater, Torridge Parish Church 14th century or earlier 14 February 1985 SX3868395234
50°44′03″N 4°17′14″W
Church of Saint George and All Saints Beaford, Torridge Parish Church Late 15th century 4 October 1960 SS5521015007
50°54′59″N 4°03′40″W
Bideford Bridge including Parapet Walls and Gates of East Abutment Bideford, Torridge Bridge Late 13th century timbers 8 November 1949 SS4556926427
51°00′59″N 4°12′11″W
The Royal Hotel East the Water, Bideford, Torridge House 17th century 8 November 1949 SS4571326405
51°00′59″N 4°12′03″W
Church of St Bridget Bridgerule, Torridge Anglican Church 1723 14 February 1958 SS2812003168
50°48′09″N 4°26′26″W
Church of St Nicholas Broadwoodwidger, Torridge Parish Church 12th century 23 August 1957 SX4112989179
50°40′50″N 4°15′00″W
Orleigh Court Buckland Brewer, Torridge Flats 1982 22 January 1952 SS4297322255
50°58′42″N 4°14′18″W
Church of St Leonard Churchtown, Clawton, Torridge Sundial 1634 14 February 1958 SX3485899261
50°46′10″N 4°20′36″W
Church of All Saints Clovelly Court Park, Clovelly, Torridge Anglican Church 15th century 20 February 1958 SS3097525135
51°00′03″N 4°24′37″W
Church of St Peter Dowland, Torridge Parish Church Norman 4 October 1960 SS5679910315
50°52′28″N 4°02′12″W
Church of St Mary and St Gregory Frithelstock, Torridge Church 1741 4 October 1960 SS4636419546
50°57′17″N 4°11′20″W
Ruins of Priory Church Frithelstock, Torridge Lady Chapel c.1330 4 October 1960 SS4639919565
50°57′18″N 4°11′18″W
Church of St Nectan Stoke, Hartland, Devon Collegiate Church c.1050 20 February 1958 SS2350324743
50°59′42″N 4°30′59″W
Hartland Abbey Abbey Park, Hartland, Torridge Abbey c.1175 22 January 1952 SS2405324874
50°59′47″N 4°30′31″W
Church of Saint Mary High Bickington, Torridge Parish Church 12th century 4 October 1960 SS5992020524
50°58′01″N 3°59′47″W
Church of St Swithun Littleham, Torridge Church Mid 13th century 20 February 1958 SS4435423503
50°59′23″N 4°13′09″W
Church of St James Luffincott, Torridge Parish Church May be 13th century 14 February 1958 SX3323894654
50°43′39″N 4°21′51″W
Great Potheridge Great Potheridge, Merton, Torridge Farmhouse Post 19th century 16 January 1952 SS5137714665
50°54′44″N 4°06′56″W
Church of St George Monkleigh, Torridge Church Early 15th century 20 February 1958 SS4575620718
50°57′55″N 4°11′53″W
Church of St Margaret Northam Parish Church Older 15 June 1951 SS4487429099
51°02′25″N 4°12′51″W
Church of the Holy Cross Tetcott, Torridge Parish Church 13th century 14 February 1958 SX3321296510
50°44′39″N 4°21′55″W
Church of the Holy Trinity Weare Giffard, Torridge Anglican Church Late 19th century 4 October 1960 SS4672622134
50°58′41″N 4°11′05″W
Gatehouse Approx 15m to Se of Weare Giffard Hall Weare Giffard, Torridge Gatehouse Late 15th century 16 January 1952 SS4667922101
50°58′40″N 4°11′07″W
Weare Giffard Hall Weare Giffard, Torridge House After 1454 16 January 1952 SS4666822132
50°58′41″N 4°11′08″W
Church of St Stephen West Putford, Torridge Anglican Church 1620 14 February 1958 SS3589615659
50°55′01″N 4°20′09″W
Church of All Saints Winkleigh, Torridge Parish Church Early 14th century 4 October 1960 SS6327408062
50°51′21″N 3°56′38″W
Church of All Hallows Woolfardisworthy, Torridge Anglican Church Norman 20 February 1958 SS3321921084
50°57′54″N 4°22′35″W


  1. The date given is the date used by Historic England as significant for the initial building or that of an important part in the structure's description.
  2. Sometimes known as OSGB36, the grid reference is based on the British national grid reference system used by the Ordnance Survey.
  3. The "List Entry Number" is a unique number assigned to each listed building and scheduled monument by Historic England.

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