Governorate-General (Russian Empire)

Governorate-General (Russian: Генерал-губернаторство) was an administrative-territorial division of the Russian Empire from 17751917. Governorate-General usually consisted of set of guberniyas, oblasts. Sometimes used interchangeably with krai (land) or military guberniya. Moscow and Saint-Petersburg governorates were designated into a separate governorate-generals.

CategorySubdivision of a unitary state
Location Russian Empire
SubdivisionsGuberniyas [nb 1]


Governorate-General was governed by governor-general, a military leader of the land. Governor-generals supervised governors, but did not directly participate in the administration of the subordinated guberniyas, except for Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

List of Governorate-Generals

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  1. Usually three guberniyas per Governorate-General


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