Government of Western Australia

The Government of Western Australia, formally referred to as Her Majesty's Government of Western Australia, is the Australian state democratic administrative authority of Western Australia. It is also commonly referred to as the WA Government or the Western Australian Government. The Government of Western Australia, a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, was formed in 1890 as prescribed in its Constitution, as amended from time to time. Since the Federation of Australia in 1901, Western Australia has been a state of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Constitution of Australia regulates its relationship with the Commonwealth. Under the Australian Constitution, Western Australia ceded legislative and judicial supremacy to the Commonwealth, but retained powers in all matters not in conflict with the Commonwealth.

Her Majesty's Government in Western Australia
Logo of the Western Australian Government and its agencies
Coat of arms of the State of Western Australia, used for formal and ceremonial purposes.
Australian stateWestern Australia
Legislative branch
LegislatureParliament of Western Australia;
Meeting placeParliament House
Executive branch
Main organExecutive Council
Meeting placeParliament House
Judicial branch
CourtSupreme Court

Executive and judicial powers

Western Australia is governed according to the principles of the Westminster system, a form of parliamentary government based on the model of the United Kingdom. Legislative power rests with the Parliament of Western Australia, which consists of The Queen, represented by the Governor of Western Australia, and the two Houses, the Western Australian Legislative Council (the upper house) and the Western Australian Legislative Assembly (the lower house). Executive power rests formally with the Executive Council, which consists of the Governor and senior ministers.

The Governor, as representative of the Crown, is the formal repository of power, which is exercised by him or her on the advice of the Premier of Western Australia and the Cabinet. The Premier and Ministers are appointed by the Governor, and hold office by virtue of their ability to command the support of a majority of members of the Legislative Assembly. Judicial power is exercised by the Supreme Court of Western Australia and a system of subordinate courts, but the High Court of Australia and other federal courts have overriding jurisdiction on matters which fall under the ambit of the Australian Constitution.


As of 27 June 2019, the following individuals serve as government ministers, at the pleasure of the Queen, represented by the Governor of Western Australia. The government cabinet and ministers are listed,[1] while the shadow minister are listed against their opposing portfolio, to the best possible match.[2] All ministers and shadow ministers are members of the Parliament of Western Australia.

Minister Office Portrait Party Opposition
Office Portrait Party
Mark McGowan Premier
Minister for Public Sector Management
Minister for State Development
Minister for Jobs and Trade
Minister for Federal-State Relations
  Labor Liza Harvey Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Minister for Public Sector Management
Shadow Minister for State Development
Shadow Minister for Jobs and Trade
Shadow Minister for Federal-State Relations

Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs

Roger Cook Deputy Premier
Minister for Health
Minister for Mental Health
  Labor Bill Marmion Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Minister for Mines and Petroleum
Shadow Minister for Local Government
Shadow Minister for Defence Issues

Shadow Minister for Science

Sue Ellery Minister for Education and Training   Labor Donna Faragher Shadow Minister for Education and Training
Shadow Minister for Women's Interests
Stephen Dawson Minister for the Environment
Minister for Disability Services

Minister for Electoral Affairs

  Labor Zak Kirkup Shadow Minister for Health
Shadow Minister for Mental Health
Michelle Roberts Minister for Police
Minister for Road Safety
  Labor Peter Katsambanis Shadow Minister for Police
Shadow Minister for Road Safety
Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations
Alannah MacTiernan Minister for Regional Development
Minister for Agriculture and Food
Minister assisting the Minister for State Development
Minister for Jobs and Trades
  Labor Ian Blayney Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
Shadow Minister for Fisheries

Shadow Minister for Land

Fran Logan Minister for Emergency Services
Minister for Corrective Services
  Labor Steve Thomas Shadow Minister for Emergency Services

Shadow Minister for Forestry

Shadow Minister for Environment

David Templeman Minister for Local Government
Minister for Heritage
Minister for Culture and The Arts
  Labor Tony Krsticevic Shadow Minister for Community Services   Liberal
John Quigley Attorney General

Minister for Commerce and Industrial Relations

  Labor Michael Mischin Shadow Attorney General
Shadow Minister for Commerce

Shadow Minister for Culture and the Arts

Shadow Minister for Heritage

Mick Murray Minister for Seniors and Ageing
Minister for Volunteering
Minister for Sport and Recreation
  Labor John McGrath Shadow Minister for Racing and Gaming
Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation
Ben Wyatt Treasurer
Minister for Finance
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
  Labor Dean Nalder Shadow Treasurer
Shadow Minister for Finance
Shadow Minister for Energy
Paul Papalia Minister for Tourism
Minister for Racing and Gaming
Minister for Small Business
Minister for Defence Issues
Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests
  Labor Sean L'Estrange Shadow Minister for Corrective Services

Shadow Minister for Housing

Bill Johnston Minister for Mines and Petroleum
Minister for Industrial Relations

Minister for Energy

  Labor Mike Nahan Shadow Minister for Planning

Shadow Minister for Asian Engagement

Rita Saffioti Minister for Transport
Minister for Planning
  Labor Libby Mettam Shadow Minister for Transport
Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader
Peter Tinley Minister for Housing
Minister for Veterans Issues
Minister for Youth

Minister for Asian Engagement

  Labor Peter Collier Shadow Minister for Disability Services   Liberal
Simone McGurk Minister for Child Protection
Minister for Women's Interests
Minister for Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence
Minister for Community Services
  Labor Nick Goiran Shadow Minister for Child Protection
Shadow Minister for Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence
Dave Kelly Minister for Water
Minister for Fisheries
Minister for Forestry
Minister for Innovation and ICT
Minister for Science
  Labor Jim Chown Shadow Minister for Regional Development
Shadow Minister for Royalties for Regions

Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food


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