Goulter River

The Goulter River is a river in the Marlborough region of New Zealand. It rises in the Richmond Range near Lake Chalice. The lake was formed by a landslip about 2000 years ago, which dammed the river. The lake has no outlet, but water seeps through the landslip rubble into the Goulter.[1] The river flows counter-clockwise around Mount Patriarch to join the Wairau River.[2]

Goulter River
CountryNew Zealand
Physical characteristics
  locationRichmond Range
Wairau River

The river was visited by Cyrus Goulter, Joseph Ward and Harry Redwood in 1857. Goulter later became Speaker of the Marlborough District Council.[3]

Goulter River runs through native bush and contains trout suitable for fishing. A walkway runs the length of the river.[4]

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