Goromuru River

The Goromuru River is a river, located in the Northern Territory in Australia.

Location of the Goromuru River mouth in the Northern Territory
TerritoryNorthern Territory
Physical characteristics
  locationFrederick Hills, Arnhem Land, Australia
  elevation15 m (49 ft)
Arnhem Bay, Australia
12°28′39″S 136°13′6″E
0 m (0 ft)
Length30 km (19 mi)
Basin size1,026 km2 (396 sq mi)

The headwaters are found in the valleys of the Frederick Hills in Arnhem Land and flow in a northerly direction through uninhabited country for a distance of 30 kilometres (19 mi) until discharging into Arnhem Bay and eventually the Arafura Sea.

The catchment area of the river is 1,026 square kilometres (396 sq mi).[2]

The estuary formed at the river mouth is tidal in nature and in near pristine condition.[3] The estuary occupies an area of 53.5 hectares (132 acres) of open water. It is tide dominated in nature having a single channel and is surrounded by an area of 10.5 square kilometres (4 sq mi) covered with mangroves.[4]

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