Gord Carroll Curling Classic

The Gord Carroll Curling Classic (formerly the Mount Lawn Gord Carroll Classic and the Village of Taunton Mills Gord Carroll Curling Classic) is an annual bonspiel, or curling tournament, that takes place at the Whitby Curling Club in Whitby, Ontario.

The tournament has been held as part of the men's and women's Ontario Curling Tour, and both the men's and women's events were included in the World Curling Tour starting in 2013. Since 2015, the men's event was discontinued and the event was not held in 2016 but returned in 2017.

Past champions


Only skip's name is displayed.

YearWinning skipRunner up skipPurse (CAD)
2008 Angie Melaney
2010 Alison Goring Susan McKnight$6,000
2011 Lauren Mann Laura Crocker$7,200
2012 Jill Mouzar Jacqueline Harrison$7,500
2013 Julie Hastings Laura Payne$7,500
2014 Susan McKnight Sherry Middaugh$10,000
2015 Jacqueline Harrison Mallory Kean$10,000
2017 Tracy Fleury Isabella Wranå$8,500
2018 Chelsea Brandwood Gim Un-chi$15,100
2019 Irene Schori Julie Hastings$15,100


Only skip's name is displayed.

YearWinning skipRunner up skipPurse (CAD)
2008 Pat Duggan
2010 John Epping Cory Heggestad$22,000
2011 Peter Corner Wayne Tuck, Jr.$23,000
2012 Glenn Howard Mark Kean$20,000
2013 Wayne Tuck, Jr. Craig Kochan$20,000
2014 John Epping Chris Gardner$16,000

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