Good King Dagobert

Good King Dagobert (French title: Le bon roi Dagobert; in Italian: Dagobert) is a 1984 French-Italian film directed by Dino Risi.

Good King Dagobert
Film poster
Directed byDino Risi
Produced byRenzo Rossellini
Written byDino Risi
Age & Scarpelli
Gérard Brach
Story byAge & Scarpelli
StarringUgo Tognazzi
Michel Serrault
Music byGuido De Angelis & Maurizio De Angelis
CinematographyDante Ferretti
Distributed byGaumont
Release date
Running time
118 minutes


The film is inspired by a popular song against the French monarchy, created during the French Revolution.

During the 7th century, the lazy and messy King Dagobert I goes to Rome to ask Pope Honorius I for forgiveness of his sins of revelry and fornication. But Dagobert does not know that the pope, while he is still traveling, was replaced in a conspiracy by a perfect double. The replacement is a crude and rude man, even more stupid than Dagobert is.


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