Gonzalo Barrios (video game player)

Gonzalo Barrios (born April 17, 1995), known by his gamertag ZeRo, is a Chilean professional Super Smash Bros. player and streamer. He is considered the best Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player in the world throughout his career. ZeRo had a record-breaking 56-tournament winning streak from 2014 to 2015, in which he won several high-profile tournaments including EVO 2015 and The Big House 5. In the past, he has been a top ranked Super Smash Bros. Brawl player. He is best known for playing as Diddy Kong in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Pit in Project M, Meta Knight in Brawl, and Fox in Melee. He is the only person to earn more than US$100,000 playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U competitively.

Gonzalo Barrios
Personal information
Born (1995-04-17) April 17, 1995
HometownChillán, Chile
Career information
Current teamTempo Storm
GamesSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (retired)
Project M (retired)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (retired)
Super Smash Bros. Melee (retired)
Career prize money$181,291.91
Career history
2012vVv Gaming
2014Clash Tournaments
2015–2018Team SoloMid
2018–presentTempo Storm
Career highlights and awards

Life and career

2005–2011: Early life and Super Smash Bros. tournaments

Barrios was born in Chillán, Chile, on April 17, 1995. As a child, Barrios was bullied and placed into a special needs program in school. Due to his family's financial issues and his own anxiety, he dropped out of school for three years. During this time, Barrios received a Nintendo GameCube and would play speedruns on Super Mario Sunshine, as well as Super Smash Bros. Melee with his older sister.[1]

In 2006, Barrios began competing in Melee tournaments in his Chilean hometown at a local game store.[2] In the following years, ZeRo regularly traveled between Chile, Argentina, and the United States to compete in regional and international Smash tournaments and events.[3]

In 2011, Barrios' sister died at age 27 due to complications from a brain aneurysm.[1]

2011–2018: vVv Gaming and rise to professional Smash tournaments

Between 2011 and 2012, after competing in various local and regional Melee tournaments, ZeRo was sponsored by Los Angeles-based vVv Gaming. In 2012, he began competing in professional esports events including Apex,[4] By early 2014, it was estimated that ZeRo was earning approximately US$40,000 a year from a combination of prize money, sponsorships, and Twitch streams.[5]

ZeRo then qualified for the MLG Anaheim 2014 championship bracket and finished in 17th place. During this time, he was ranked by Melee it on Me as the 35th best Melee player in the world.[6] In June 2014, he won the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U invitational at E3, moving up through the winner's bracket and defeating Hungrybox in the game's first-ever official tournament.[7]

In November 2014, ZeRo criticized Diddy Kong's repetitive play style in Smash Bros. for Wii U, claiming that Diddy was "killing the game".[8] However, ZeRo later retracted the statement and stated that Diddy Kong was his favorite character to play with, which eventually led to Diddy being his main character in tournaments.[9]

At EVO 2015, ZeRo defeated Mr. R in the largest Smash for Wii U tournament to date. In the following month, Team SoloMid announced ZeRo as the second player in their Super Smash Bros. division.[10]

At The Big House 5, ZeRo faced off in the grand finals against Team Liquid's Nairo. Despite a narrow escape from losses in the early tournament and a loss during the first set versus Nairo, ZeRo ended with a 3-2 win in the second set.[11]

In MLG World Finals 2015, ZeRo defeated Nakat, StaticManny, Ally, and ESAM, moving on to challenge Nairo for the winner's bracket grand finals. There, Nairo took two sets off of ZeRo, ending ZeRo's reign at 56 consecutive victories.[12]

ZeRo suffered from a growth on his middle finger in early 2016 that required surgical removal, and prevented him from playing Smash for several months.[13]


In January 2018, hours after ZeRo was once again ranked 1st on the Panda Global Rankings v4, ZeRo announced his hiatus from the Smash competitive scene, citing a need for variation in his life and goals.[14] However, during this time he continued to be active in the Super Smash Bros. community and continued streaming on his Twitch channel.

On November 7, 2018, ZeRo simultaneously announced his return to competitive tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as his signing to the Tempo Storm eSports team.[15]

Awards and honors

ZeRo was considered the third best Brawl player in the world by Clash Tournaments in the 2014 SSBBRank.[16]

In 2016, ZeRo was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records Gamer's Edition for his 56 consecutive Smash tournament victories.[17]

Tournament placings

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

TournamentDate1v1 Placement2v2 PlacementPartner
Torneo Nacional 2January 8–9, 20111st1stIori
Torneo HawaianoFebruary 19, 20111st
Showdown IIJuly 23, 20111st1stNekokatsu
The Spirit of Smash TournamentAugust 20, 20111st
Tujo pasó Agosto 2011 iiiiesh!August 27, 20111st
The Hedgehog's LairSeptember 10, 20111st
Showdown IIIOctober 29, 20111st1stNekokatsu
PQDDNovember 19, 20111st
Tujo ExpressNovember 26, 20111st
Apex 2012 Practice Round RobinDecember 31, 20111st
Apex 2012January 6–8, 201217th9thKadaj
Winter Shore SmashingJanuary 14, 20121st
Tujo BrawlerJanuary 21, 20121st
Ryuuko's Got TalentApril 21, 20121st
Por eso la gente se vaMay 19, 20121st
Neko Empire 3June 16, 20121st
Karma InviernoAugust 4, 20121st
FrikiGen Con 3August 25, 20121st
Neko's Ranch or Empire?August 31, 20121st
Torneo Dominguero del RolloSeptember 16, 20121st
Neko's FondaSeptember 21, 20121st
Neko Strikes Back!October 13, 20121st
Forever [Censored] Slowpoke Tournament 2November 3, 20121st
Haru wa YakusokuNovember 10, 20121st
My Waifu AsunaNovember 17, 20121st
XSmashDecember 22, 20121st4thDabuz
Uprise 11December 29, 20122nd2ndAnti
Collision VIJanuary 5, 20137th3rdquiKsilver
United 1January 6, 20132nd3rdquiKsilver
Apex 2013January 11–13, 20139th13thquiKsilver
Sa2vationJanuary 26, 20131st2ndTantalus
KOTCFebruary 2, 20131st
Remix 3February 9, 20131st1stFOW
Xanadu Games Harlem Shake EditionFebruary 23, 20133rd1stESAM
Winter Brawl 7February 23–24, 20133rd
Rescue 2March 2, 20131st3rdChibo
OutrageMarch 9, 20131st1stAlly
René Descartes TournamentMarch 16, 20131st1stMegu
Boku no TournamentMay 4, 20131st1stKross
Erizo con Tuberculosis TournamentMay 25, 20131stRody
La Pocilga de los Pikmins IIIJuly 6, 20131st1stRody
ShockwaveJuly 20, 20131st1stAnti
Rescue 3July 27, 20131st3rdChibo
SKTAR 2August 3–4, 20135th4thAlly
El Torneo de la FaAugust 10, 20131st4thMegu
La Fonda del Warén TournamentSeptember 19, 20131st1stNekokatsu
La Jefa Me Dio Permiso TournamentSeptember 21, 20131st1stSnake
Showdown IVOctober 26, 20131st1stSnake
Smashacre FrostbiteDecember 7–8, 20135th
Thanks for Playing 4December 21, 20131st
Seagull Joe's Bad Karma @ Xanadu GamesDecember 22, 20131st
KTAR 8December 28, 20132nd3rdSalem
Smash Factor 2January 3–5, 20141st1stMew2King
Forest TempleJanuary 11, 20141st1stFOW
Apex 2014January 17–19, 20142nd5thChib0
Shuffle VFebruary 22–23, 20141st7thChibo
First DateMarch 1, 20141st1stIzumi
Collision 9March 15, 20141st2ndVex Kasrani
KTAR 9March 22, 20141st3rdSeagull Joe
Smash Brothers University 2.5April 12–13, 20141st
WHOBO MLGMay 3–4, 20141st2ndDenti
Hitbox Arena Warm-Up WelcomeMay 10, 20141st
Smash @ Xanadu TuesdayMay 13, 20141st
Super Smash Sundays East Coast # 4May 18, 20142nd
SKTAR 3May 31-June 1, 20144th4thVex Kasrani
Salt Lake Comic ConSeptember 4–6, 20141st
GUTS 3September 19–21, 20141st

Super Smash Bros. Melee

TournamentDate1v1 Placement2v2 PlacementPartner
Thanks for Playing 4December 21, 20135th
Seagull Joe's Bad Karma @ Xanadu GamesDecember 22, 20137th
AGDQ 2014January 5–11, 20144th
Shuffle VFebruary 22–23, 201413th3rdNintendude
First DateMarch 1, 20145th
Revival of Melee 7March 8–9, 201417th9thVex Kasrani
Collision 9March 15, 20143rd1stMew2King
Game Over VIIMarch 18, 20145th
KTAR 9March 22, 20147th1stMew2King
Xanadu LegendsApril 5, 20144th2ndBones
Smash Brothers University 2.5April 12–13, 20147th
Fighters' EdgeApril 26–27, 20145th
WHOBO MLGMay 3–4, 20144th
Smash @ Xanadu TuesdayMay 13, 20142nd
Super Smash Sundays East Coast # 4May 18, 20141st
Smash @ Xanadu TuesdayMay 20, 20143rd
Pat's House 2May 24–25, 201417th7thWestballz
SKTAR 3May 31-June 1, 20149th5ths0ft
MayhemJune 7, 20147th3rdDEHF
SSS Lock-InJune 14–15, 20149th3rdS2J
MLG Anaheim 2014June 20–22, 201417th13thDEHF
CEO 2014June 27–29, 201417th4thESAM
Kings of Cali 4July 5–6, 201413th5thWestballz
EVO 2014July 11–13, 201417th5thKoreanDJ
Gameguys Intergalactic KeggerJuly 26–27, 20145th
Zenith 2014August 2–3, 20147th2ndAxe
Mass Madness CEAugust 23, 20145th1stHax
Summer Jam 8August 30–31, 20141st
Salt Lake Comic ConSeptember 4–6, 20141st
GamerByteOctober 25, 20141st

Project M

TournamentDate1v1 Placement2v2 PlacementPartner
Thanks for Playing 4December 21, 20131st1stSalem
Seagull Joe's Bad Karma @ Xanadu GamesDecember 22, 20131st
KTAR 8December 28, 201317th
Shuffle VFebruary 22–23, 201413th1stDenti
First DateMarch 1, 20145th
Collision 9March 15, 20144th
Smashing Grounds 5March 20, 20143rd
KTAR 9March 22, 20149th2ndSeagull Joe
Xanadu LegendsApril 5, 20142nd2ndSeagull Joe
Smash Brothers University 2.5April 12–13, 20142nd5thPB&J
Fighters' EdgeApril 26–27, 20142nd
Infinity and Beyond 5May 1, 20141st1stDenti
WHOBO MLGMay 3–4, 20141st1stDenti
Hitbox Arena Warm-Up WelcomeMay 10, 20141st
Smash @ Xanadu Tuesday]May 13, 20141st
Project M Showdown 3.02May 17, 20141st1stChuDat
Super Smash Sundays East Coast # 4May 18, 20141st
Smash @ Xanadu Tuesday 5/20May 20, 20141st
SKTAR 3May 31-June 1, 20149th1stRolex
Mayhem]June 7, 20142nd1stDEHF
Super Smash Sundays 6/8June 8, 20143rd1stDEHF
CEO 2014June 27–29, 20141st2ndMew2King
EVO 2014 Day 2 Side TournamentJuly 12, 20141st
Gameguys Intergalactic KeggerJuly 26–27, 20141st1stMew2King
Zenith 2014August 2–3, 20141st1stMew2King
Summer Jam 8August 30–31, 20141st
Salt Lake Comic ConSeptember 4–6, 20141st
GUTS 3September 19–21, 20141st1stEmukiller
The Big House 4October 4–5, 20141st1stMew2King
NorCal Regionals 2015April 3–5, 20151st
MSS 1July 25, 20151st

Super Smash Bros. Wii U

TournamentDate1v1 Placement2v2 PlacementPartner
Super Smash Bros. InvitationalJune 10, 20141st
Sky's Smash 4 InvitationalNovember 20–22, 20143rd5thMr. R
UGC Biweekly #17November 29, 20141st1stTyrant
Triumph or Die 2014November 30, 20141st
Super Smash Weekend 12-6-2014December 6, 20141st1stTyrant
Super Smash Saturdays 12-20-2014December 20, 20141st1stTearbear
UGC Biweekly #18December 21, 20141st1stXzax
Double Vegas Down Attack 5December 22, 20141st1stTyrant
SkillConDecember 26-January 2, 20151st
UGC Smash v2.2 Road to Final Battle!January 3, 20151st1stTyrant
Warriors Path 1/4January 4, 20151st1stXzax
Clash Online Invitational FinalsJanuary 11, 20151st
Double Vegas Down Attack 6January 12, 20151st1stXzax
Final BattleJanuary 17, 20151st2ndTyrant
Smash 4 WorldwideJanuary 18, 20151st
Apex 2015January 30-February 1, 20151st1stMew2King
COTU VIFebruary 7, 20151st1stLarry Lurr
Showdown VIMarch 1, 20151st
Cyberzone 3/14March 14, 20151st1stSS
The Gaming Zone 3/21March 21, 20151st1stSS
Shockwave 22March 27, 20151st1stDabuz
AftershockMarch 28–29, 20151st1stDabuz
Double Vegas Down Attack 8March 30, 20151st
Come on and Ban #13April 2, 20151st
NorCal Regionals 2015April 3–5, 20151st1stZex
MVG SandstormApril 18–19, 20151st1stMew2King
Chokaigi 2015April 25–26, 20151st1stMew2King
Fire & Dice Thur #9April 30, 20151st2ndK9
Smash 4 Oomba 5/1May 1, 20151st1stMr. ConCon
Fire & Dice Sundays #16May 3, 20151st1stXzax
Oblivion Tournaments Biweekly 5/5May 5, 20151st1stK9
Fire & Dice Thur #10May 7, 20151st
Fire & Dice Thur #11May 14, 20151st
Smash 4 Oomba 5/15May 15, 20151st
BESST 2015May 17, 20151st1stK9
Double Vegas Down Attack 9May 18, 20151st
Combo Breaker 2015May 22–24, 20151st
Double Vegas Down Attack 10May 30–31, 20151st1stFOW
LA PARADISOJune 13–14, 20151st1stStingers
CEO 2015June 26–28, 20151st3rdHungrybox
FC Smash 15XR: ReturnJuly 4–5, 20151st2ndHungrybox
EVO 2015July 17–19, 20151stTop 16Anti
MSS 1July 25, 20151st
Top Cut Comics 7/28July 28, 20151st
Poplar 7/30July 30, 20151st
Low Tier City 3August 1–2, 20151st2ndMew2King
Super Smash ConAugust 6–9, 20151st1stNairo
PAX Prime 2015August 28–30, 20151st1stMVD
Top Cut Comics 9/12September 12, 20151st5thHoRi
Sunday Smash 34September 13, 20151st
Top Cut Comics 9/15September 15, 20151st
Poplar 9/17September 17, 20151st1stShevy
Rebirth VSeptember 19, 20151st1stV115
Smash 4-Ever #26September 30, 20151st
The Big House 5October 2–4, 20151st1stNairo
MLG World Finals 2015October 16–18, 20152nd1stNairo
E2C 19October 24, 20151st1stZinoto
Tipped Off 11November 7–8, 20151st1st6WX
iBUYPOWER CupNovember 14, 20151st
GENESIS 3January 15–17, 20161st2ndNairo
Get On My Level 2016May 20–22, 20162nd
2GGT: Mexico SagaJune 4, 20162nd5thVoiD
Smash'N'Splash 2June 11–12, 20162nd2ndAbadango
Low Tier City 4June 18–19, 20161st1stNairo
CEO 2016June 24–26, 20169th3rdNairo
WTFox 2July 1–3, 20163rd1stMr. R
EVO 2016July 15–16, 20163rd
Super Smash Con 2016August 11–14, 201613th2ndNairo
EndgameAugust 20–21, 20161st1stAlly
Shine 2016August 26–28, 20161st2ndESAM
Collision XIVSeptember 3, 20164th1stNairo
2GGT: Abadango SagaSeptember 24, 20161st1stKomorikiri
The Big House 6October 7–9, 20161st1stNairo
KTAR XIXNovember 19, 20161st1stNairo
UGC Smash OpenDecember 2–4, 20161st1stNairo
Smash City LADecember 11, 20161st
2GGT: ZeRo SagaDecember 16–18, 20164th1stNairo
2GGC: GENESIS SagaJanuary 14, 20171st3rdTweek
GENESIS 4January 20–22, 20173rd4thNairo
2GGC: Midwest Mayhem SagaFebruary 11, 20171st7th6WX
Frostbite 2017February 25–26, 20171st4thNairo
PAX Arena at PAX East 2017March 12, 20171st
Frame Perfect Series 2March 18–19, 20172nd1stTsu
2GGC: Civil WarMarch 24–26, 201749th2ndNairo
Ignition #76March 29, 20171st
KTAR XXApril 1–2, 20171st1stMkLeo
Ignition #77April 5, 20171st
Midwest Mayhem 8: North American TourApril 8, 20171st1stAlly
Ignition #78April 12, 20171st
CEO DreamlandApril 14–16, 20171st1stNairo
Ignition #79April 19, 20171st
Ignition #80April 26, 20171st
DreamHack Austin 2017April 28–30, 20171st1stMkLeo
Ignition #81May 3, 20171st
Ignition #82May 10, 20171st
Royal FlushMay 12–14, 20171st1stNairo
2GGC: Greninja SagaMay 20, 20179th17thNairo
MomoCon 2017May 25–28, 20173rd4thNairo
Smash 'N' Splash 3June 2–4, 20171st2ndTweek
Ignition #86June 7, 20171st1stTyroy
2GGC: Nairo SagaJune 10–11, 20171st2ndNairo
Ignition #87June 14, 20171st1stTyroy
CEO 2017June 16–18, 20171st
Ignition #88June 28, 20171st
Midwest Mayhem 9: Old vs NewJuly 1, 20171st
Ignition #89July 5, 20171st
2GGC: ARMS SagaJuly 8–9, 20172nd2ndTsu-
Mega Smash Mondays 104July 10, 20179th
EVO 2017July 14–16, 20172nd
Ignition #91July 19, 20171st
DreamHack Atlanta 2017July 21–23, 20179th3rdNairo
Ignition #93August 2, 20171st
Low Tier City 5August 5–6, 20172nd2ndMistake
Ignition #94August 9, 20171st
Super Smash Con 2017August 10–13, 20172nd3rdNair
Ignition #95August 16, 20171st
2GGC: SCR SagaAugust 19–20, 20171st3rdNairo
Shine 2017August 25–27, 20171st3rdNairo
PAX Arena at PAX West 2017September 1–4, 20171st
2GGC: West Side SagaSeptember 9, 20171st1stNairo
GameTyrant Expo 2017September 29-October 1, 20173rd2ndNairo
The Big House 7October 6–8, 20174th1stNairo
DreamHack Denver 2017October 20–22, 20171st
Clutch City Clash 2October 28–29, 20171st2ndTrela
2GGC: MkLeo SagaNovember 4, 201713th1stNairo
Ignition #109November 22, 20171st
Midwest Mayhem 10November 25, 20172nd2ndCosmos
2GG ChampionshipDecember 1–3, 20172nd
Smash 4 Boot CampDecember 7–10, 20174th2ndNairo

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

TournamentDate1v1 Placement
Xanadu Smash 4 InvitationalNovember 6, 20147th

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

TournamentDate1v1 Placement2v2 PlacementPartner
Super Smash Bros. InvitationalJune 12, 20181st
Smash Conference UnitedJanuary 5–6, 20199th3rdMew2King
Smash Ultimate SummitMarch 8–10, 201913th


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