Gong (magazine)

Gong is a German radio and (today, primarily) television listings magazine owned and published by the German media conglomerate Funke Mediengruppe.[1]

Cover of the first issue of Gong
CategoriesTelevision listings magazine
First issue10 October 1948 (1948-10-10)
CompanyFunke Mediengruppe
Based inNuremberg

An extract from the magazine, was featured in the secondary school early 90s German textbook Zickzack, as part of a reading exercise.

History and profile

The first edition of Gong appeared in October 1948.[2] The magazine is published weekly and has its headquarters in Nuremberg.[2] It was formerly based in Munich.[3]

Since 1979, the magazine has awarded annual Goldener Gong prizes for outstanding achievement by actors, directors, writers, presenters, and producers in the German television world.


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