Going Steady (1979 film)

Going Steady is a 1979 Israeli film. It is the second in the Lemon Popsicle film series.[1]

Going Steady
Directed byBoaz Davidson
Produced byYoram Globus
Menahem Golan
Sam Waynberg
Written byBoaz Davidson
CinematographyAdam Greenberg
Edited byAlain Jakubowicz
Ariel Roshko
Release date


The film concerns three teenage boys, Benji (Bentzi), Bobby (Momo), and Huey (Yudale). Benji falls in love with Tammy, in a party he tries to make love with her but she leaves the party. When Benji gets drunk and Yudale's girlfriend tries to sleep with him, he rebuffs her. He keeps his distance with Tammy, hoping she would be the one to apologize. Eventually, he gives up and makes up to her with the help of his friend, Huey. However, their relationship suffers when Bobby accuses Benji of cheating on his girlfriend, Tammy, with Yudale's girlfriend, Martha. To Benji's dismay, Tammy shows up on prom with Bobby and learns that Tammy and Bobby were "screwing". He decides to leave the town with Shelly but stops when Huey tells the lie he made up about Tammy and Bobby and discovers it was him that Tammy truly loved.


  • Yftach Katzur as Bentzi
  • Jonathan Sagall as Momo
  • Zachi Noy as Yudale
  • Yvonne Miklosh as Tammy
  • Rachel Steiner as Martha
  • Daphna Armoni as Shelly
  • Dvora Kedar as Sonja


  1. Amy Kronish, Costel Safirman - Israeli Film: A Reference Guide 2003 p94 0313321442 "Lemon Popsicle ... Inspired by American Graffiti (George Lucas, 1973), the film focuses on the sexual awakening and teenage mores of three 17-year-old boys at a Tel Aviv high school. The film and its popular sequel, Going Steady (1979), turned the young, inexperienced yet talented actors into stars overnight. Both films present a genuine reflection of the anti-Establishment feeling of the time. "

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