Gods in Polyester

Gods In Polyester: A Survivors' Account Of 70's Cinema Obscura is a cult film book covering mainly American obscure, low-budget, and independent film horror, sci-fi, exploitation film, Blaxploitation, Spaghetti Western, and action films that were created between 1970 and 1981.

This book was published by Succubus Press in 2004. This publishing company was based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This book was compiled and edited by Suzanne Donahue and Mikael Sovijärvi.

This book is told entirely in the words of the actors, directors, producers, and cinematographers who made these films.


Ed Adlum Invasion Of The Blood Farmers, Shriek Of The Mutilated

Laurel Barnett The Child

George Barry Death Bed: The Bed That Eats

Margaret Blye Final Chapter: Walking Tall, The Sporting Club, The Machine Gun Kelly Story

Lynn Borden Walking Tall

Don Dohler Fiend, The Alien Factor

Robert DoQui Coffy, Walking Tall Part II

John P. Dulaney Squadra Antiscippo, Squadra Antitruffa, Squadra Antifurto, The Crystal Man

T.G. Finkbinder The Redeemer

Robert S. Fiveson Parts: The Clonus Horror

George Buck Flower The Capture Of Bigfoot, The Alpha Incident, Tender Loving Care, Carnal Madness, Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS, Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks, Candy Tangerine Man, Lady Cocoa, The Executioner, The Witch Who Came From The Sea, Flash And The Firecat, Drive-In Massacre

Lawrence D. Foldes Don't Go Near The Park

Leo Fong The Last Reunion, Ninja Assassins, Bamboo Trap, Blind Rage, Murder In The Orient

Bruce Glover Black Gunn, Walking Tall, Walking Tall Part II, Final Chapter: Walking Tall

Gary Graver Texas Lightning

William Grefe Mako: Jaws Of Death, Stanley, Impulse, Whiskey Mountain

John D. Hancock Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Richard Harrison Beast With A Gun, Fireback, Joe Dakota, Achtung! The Desert Tigers, Boxer Rebellion, Marco Polo, Voodoo Baby, Sex Explosion, Reverendo Colt, Churchill's Leopards, Holy Water Joe, Dig Your Grave, Friend...Sabata's Coming, Black Gold Dossier

Ron Honthaner The House on Skull Mountain

Jack Jones The Comeback

Donald G. Jackson Demon Lover Diary

Bruce Kessler Simon, King of the Witches

John Phillip Law Death In November, Ring Of Darkness, The Spiral Staircase, The Crystal Man, Whisper In The Dark

Jeff Lieberman Squirm, Blue Sunshine, Just Before Dawn

Ted V. Mikels The Corpse Grinders, Blood Orgy Of The She Devils, The Doll Squad

Mel Novak Cat In The Cage, Black Belt Jones, Lovely But Deadly, The Ultimate Warrior, Game of Death, Truck Turner, Tom Horn

Felton Perry Sudden Death, Walking Tall

Hy Pyke Lemora, Slithis, Nightmare In Blood, Dolemite, The Amorous Adventures Of Don Quixote And Sancho Panza, The Way He Was

Linnea Quigley Don't Go Near The Park, Graduation Day, Psycho From Texas

Bill Rebane The Giant Spider Invasion, The Alpha Incident

Alan Scarfe Cathy's Curse

Ferd Sebastian Gator Bait

William Shatner Impulse

Scott Shaw The Demon Lover

David Sheldon Lovely But Deadly, Sheba Baby, Just Before Dawn, Grizzly, Project: Kill

Carol Speed The Mack, Abby, Savage, Bummer, The Big Bird Cage, Disco Godfather, The New Centurions, Dynamite Brothers, Black Samson

George Stover Fiend, The Alien Factor

Manuela Thiess Barn Of The Naked Dead

Norman J. Warren Prey, Satan's Slave, Terror, Inseminoid

Marc Wielage Satan's Children


Gods In Polyester: A Survivors' Account Of 70's Cinema Obscura ISBN 90-80870013

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