Gniezno Voivodeship

Gniezno Voivodeship (Polish: Województwo Gnieźnieńskie, Latin: Palatinatus Gnesnensis) was a unit of administrative division and local government in Poland for a short time from 1768, when it was cut from the Kalisz Voivodeship, to the Second Partition of Poland in 1793. It was part of Greater Polish prowincja.

Gniezno Voivodeship
Palatinatus Gnesnensis
Województwo gnieźnieńskie
Voivodeship of Poland¹
Coat of arms

Gniezno Voivodeship in
the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1768.
7,660 km2 (2,960 sq mi)
 Partitioned from
   Kalisz Voivodeship
 Split off
   Netze District
 Annexed by Prussia
25 September 1793
Political subdivisionsCounties: 3
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kalisz Voivodeship (1314–1793)
South Prussia
¹ Voivodeship of the Kingdom of Poland in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Voivodeship of Grand Duchy of Lithuania before 1569.

Greater Poland general governor (Starosta Generalny) seat:

Voivodeship governor (wojewoda) seat:

General council (Sejmik Generalny) for the Greater Poland seat:

Administrative division:

Neighbouring Voivodeships:

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