Globe Aircraft Corporation

The Globe Aircraft Corporation was an American aircraft manufacturer, formed in 1941 in Fort Worth, Texas. It was declared bankrupt in 1947.[1]

Globe Aircraft Corporation
HeadquartersFort Worth, Texas, United States
ProductsLight aircraft


Originally formed as the Bennett Aircraft Corporation which had been set up before Second World War to develop aircraft using a Bakelite bonded plywood Duraloid.[1] The company first design was the BTC-1 twin engined monoplane.[1] The company was renamed the Globe Aircraft Corporation in 1941 and they produced a single-engined Continental A-80 powered Globe GC-1 Swift.[1]

With the start of the war the company abandoned plans to produce the aircraft as it concentrated on sub-contract building of 600 Beech AT-10s[2] and components for other aircraft like the Curtiss C-46.[1]

When wartime restrictions were removed the company developed a re-designed and all-metal version of the GC-1 designated the GC-1A Swift which first flew in 1945.[1] The production of the Swift was sub-contracted to the Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TEMCO).[1] In July 1947 the company was declared bankrupt; the assets and design rights of the Swift were bought by TEMCO.[1]

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