Glenbank was the site of a Roman fortlet associated with the Gask Ridge in Scotland.[1] It was discovered from aerial photography by G. S. Maxwell in 1983.[2] It was confirmed by geophysics and excavations which were carried out in 1984 and 1999.[3] It is beside the Roman road that linked the forts at Ardoch and Doune.[4] It is currently the most southerly of the known Gask fortifications.[5] It was probably built around 70-80 AD.[6] Several other Gask installations have been identified running north to Bertha.[7]

Location in central Scotland
Location in Scotland
Place in the Roman world
Coordinates56.229069°N 3.917625°W / 56.229069; -3.917625

The site is south of the Allan Water close to the A9 road.[8] It seems to have been deliberately demolished by the Romans when they abandoned it.[9]


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