Glenalmond or Glen Almond (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Amain) is a glen which stretches for several miles to the west of the city of Perth in Perth and Kinross, Scotland and down which the River Almond flows. The upper half of the glen runs through mountainous country and is virtually uninhabited whilst the lower, easterly section of the glen is more open. The change in character takes place as the river crosses the Highland Boundary Fault, leaving the Grampian Highlands for the Central Lowlands.

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A short section of Glen Almond which has a more northwesterly-southeasterly alignment is known as the Sma' Glen, (Scottish Gaelic: Caol Ghlinn Amain). The A822 road takes advantage of this deeply incised section of the glen to forge a route between Crieff and Strathbran, much as General Wade's Military Road did in the middle of the eighteenth century.[1][2]

Dallick House, a luxury self-catering house, is located within West Glenalmond Estate,[3] at the entrance to the Sma' Glen.

Lower Glenalmond is the location for Glenalmond College, a private boarding school.


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