Glas Istre

Glas Istre (English: Voice of Istria) is a Croatian regional daily newspaper published in Pula which mainly covers stories of interest from the Istria region in the northwest of the country. Established in 1943 as a regional newsletter of the Yugoslav Partisans,[1] the paper continued to be published after World War II, and became a daily in November 1969.[1]

Glas Istre
TypeRegional daily newspaper
PublisherGlas Istre novine d.o.o.
Editor-in-chiefRanko Borovečki
Founded18 August 1943
HeadquartersRiva 10,
Pula, Croatia

The paper spent the majority of its later history as a regional supplement published in the Rijeka-based nationally circulated newspaper Novi list, and between 1979 and 1991 the editor-in-chief of Novi list was also in charge of Glas Istre. In the 1990s the paper became increasingly independent of its parent publication and eventually evolved into a separate regional daily.

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