Giuseppe Berto

Giuseppe Berto (27 December 1914 1 November 1978) was an Italian writer and screenwriter. He is mostly known for his novels Il cielo è rosso (The Sky Is Red) and Il male oscuro.

Giuseppe Berto
Born(1914-12-27)27 December 1914
Died1 November 1978(1978-11-01) (aged 63)
Rome, Italy
Years active1947–1978

Selected works

  • Il cielo è rosso a novel, published in 1947, about a group of displaced teenagers during World War II (The Sky Is Red – translation by Angus Davidson)
  • Opere di Dio short stories, published in 1948 (The Works of God and Other Stories – translation by Angus Davidson)
  • Il brigante a novel, published in 1951 (The Brigand – translation by Angus Davidson)
  • Il male oscuro a "novel of neurosis and psychoanalysis", which in 1964 won him the Viareggio Prize and the Campiello Prize (Incubus – translation by William Weaver)
  • La cosa buffa a novel, published in 1966 (Antonio in Love – translation by William Weaver)
  • Anonimo Veneziano a novel, published in 1971 (Anonymous Venetian – translation by Valerie Southorn)
  • La Passione secondo noi stessi (The Passion According to Ourselves), a 1972 play (not translated into English)
  • La gloria a novel, published in 1978, about Judas's betrayal of Jesus (not translated into English)

Selected filmography

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