Girls at Sea (1958 film)

Girls At Sea is a 1958 British comedy film directed by Gilbert Gunn and starring Ronald Shiner as Marine Ogg and Warren Mitchell as Arthur.[1] It was based on a play by Ian Hay and Stephen King-Hall, previously filmed as The Middle Watch in 1930 and under the same title in 1940.[2]

Girls at Sea
British film poster
Directed byGilbert Gunn
Produced byVaughan N. Dean
Gilbert Gunn
Written byT.J. Morrison
Based onthe play The Middle Watch by Stephen King-Hall & Ian Hay
StarringGuy Rolfe
Alan White
Anne Kimbell
Michael Hordern
Ronald Shiner
Music byLaurie Johnson
CinematographyErwin Hillier
Edited byEdward B. Jarvis
Distributed byAssociated British-Pathé (UK)
Release date
October 1958 (UK)
Running time
80 mins.
CountryUnited Kingdom


Officers throw an extravagant party on board the battleship HMS Scotia when it visits the French Riviera. At the end of the night, the final shore-boat is judged unseaworthy, and three attractive female guests, Mary (Ann Kimball), Jill (Mary Steele) and Antoinette (Nadine Tallier), must spend the night on board ship. But before they can be escorted ashore the next day, the battleship is called out on manoeuvres off the coast of Italy. Having no choice but to take the women along, Captain Maitland (Guy Rolfe) must hide the girls presence from the admiral (Michael Hordern).


Critical reception

The Radio Times wrote, "The 1940s film version of the stage farce The Middle Watch, which starred Jack Buchanan, was pretty bad, but beside this tepid remake it looks like a comedy classic. The cast does its level best to pep up the tired material...Ronald Shiner is cheeky and Michael Hordern is absent-mindedly authoritarian, but Guy Rolfe is as wooden as a figurehead, while all the girls get to do is rush around in a state of undress. Try another form of naval gazing instead"[3] whereas TV Guide called it "An amusing comedy";[4] and Allmovie noted, "Michael Hordern has some dryly amusing moments as the hapless Admiral."[5]


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