Giorgos Tzifos

Giorgos Tzifos (Greek: Γιώργος Τζιφός; 1918 – May 27, 1986) was a Greek actor in theater and movies. He played mostly secondary roles in comedies, even Law 4000 of Giorgos Dalianidis. I Will Make You Queen (as a builder) and I de gyni na fovitai ton andra as a chauffeur. In 1982, he appeared in the movie Alaloum with Harry Klynn. He also appeared in that time in a television series about milk, as a hero of little Bobo. He died on May 27, 1986 and is buried in Athens Cemetery.

Giorgos Tzifos
Γιώργος Τζιφός
DiedMay 27, 1986
Years active1953 - 1983

Selected filmography

As cinematographer

YearFilm title
(English translation)
Original title
and transliteration
1953The Skies Are OursΟι ουρανοί είναι δικοί μας
Oi ouranoi einai dikoi mas
1954Happy startingΧαρούμενο ξεκίνημα
Haroumeno ksekinima
1960The ScornedΤο κλωτσοσκούφι
To klotsoskoufi
amusement park employer
1960The Yellow GlovesΤα κίτρινα γάντια
Ta kitrina gandia
Mr. Spiliotopoulos
1962Law 4000Νόμος 4000
Law 4000
1964I Will Make You QueenΘα σε κάνω βασίλισσα
Tha se kano vassilisa
1965And the Wife Shall Revere Her HusbandΗ δε γυνή να φοβήται τον άνδρα
I de gini na fovite ton antra
1967Mad, crazy and VeggosΤρελός, παλαβός και Βέγγος
Trelos, palavos kai Vegos
hotel manager
1967The dressmakerΟ μόδιστρος
O modistros
1967From longing to longingΑπό λαχτάρα σε λαχτάρα
Apo lahtara se lahtara
1969The curmudgeonΤο στραβόξυλο
To stravoksilo
1969Who is ThanassisΠοιος Θανάσης
Poios Thanassis
1970The Mediterranean is on fireΗ Μεσόγειος φλέγεται
I Mesogeios flegete
1972O anthropos pou espage plakaΟ άνθρωπος που έσπαγε πλάκαMr. Stravogiannidis
1975Oi vaseis kai i VasoulaΟι βάσεις και η Βασούλα' Karadontis
1975Dritte, Grad, Der--
1975The Travelling PlayersΟ θίασος
O Thiasos
1976Thanassis in "slap land"Ο Θανάσης Στη Χώρα Της Σφαλιάρας
O Thanasis sti hora tis sfaliaras
21st April representative
1979The bold studentΟ φαλακρός μαθητής
O falakros mathitis
1983Ink sorbetΓρανίτα από μελάνι
Granita apo melani
Mr. Saltafidas


YearFilm title
(English translation)
Original title
and transliteration
1982Gianni kai MariaΓιάννης και Μαρία
Yianni ke Maria


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