Giorgos Messalas

Giorgos Messalas (Greek: Γιώργος Μεσσάλας, born 1942 in Athens) is a Greek actor and director in theater and movies.

Giorgos Messalas
Γιώργος Μεσσάλας
Athens, Greece


Messalas studied at the Dramatic School and worked in different theatres and at Proskinio by Alexis Solomos. He took part in protagonistic roles including works by Molière in 1969, Mayakovski in 1969, Federico García Lorca in 1970, Brecht in 1970 and so on.

Messalas ran the Modern Theatre in 1973 and co-directed Little Potatoes with A. Wesker. He also directed and acted in the work Nights of Assassination in 1974.

He took part in a classic repertory and directed several plays at the Irodeio in Lykavittos, at the Free Theater and others, he also did period in the entire nation.

From 1992, he only sheltered himself at Alkyonida since he had presented the studied work and at the children's stage.

He was an assistant director for Alexis Solomos and took part in greatest plays at the National Theatre and in the United States, Russia, China, Japan, France, Belgium and Yugoslavia.


YearFilm title
(English translation)
Original title
and transliteration
1971Agapissa mia polithronaΑγάπησα μια πολυθρόναAuctioneer


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