Gina Jin

Jin Chen (Chinese: 金晨, born 5 September 1990), also known as Gina Jin, is a Chinese actress.[1] She is recognized for her role in the web dramas Wu Xin: The Monster Killer and Candle in the Tomb: Mu Ye Gui Shi.

Gina Jin
Born (1990-09-05) September 5, 1990
Other namesJin Chen
Alma materBeijing Dance Academy
Years active2011–present
AgentMountain Top
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese金晨


Jin debuted with a minor role in the wuxia drama 2011 Peacock Feather. She then starred in historical drama Chu Han Zhengxiong, playing the role of Consort Yu.[2]

In 2013, Jin played her first leading role in the war drama Tong Bai Hero.[3] The same year, she made her film debut in the romance film Forever Love,[4] and was nominated at the Shanghai International Film Festival for her performance in the thriller film Carpooling Shock.[5]

In 2015, Jin rose to fame for her role as Yueya in the fantasy period drama Wu Xin: The Monster Killer.[6] The same year, she gained increased recognition for her role in the wuxia drama The Legend of Qin.[7]

In 2016, Jin starred as the female lead for the segment Chang Ting in the fantasy historical drama Legend of Nine Tails Fox alongside Wang Kai.[8] The same year she starred in the historical drama The Imperial Doctress playing the role of Empress Wang,[9] and fantasy action drama Chinese Paladin 5 playing dual roles as twin sisters.[10]

In 2017, Jin played lead roles in the romance drama Little Valentine, and action adventure drama Candle in the Tomb: Mu Ye Gui Shi.[11][12] In 2018, Jin starred alongside Jiro Wang in the historical romance comedy series Mengfei Comes Across.[13]

In 2019, Jin starred alongside Li Yifeng in the period spy drama Fearless Whispers.[14]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes/Ref.
2013Forever Love201314Wen Xin[4]
Carpooling Shock拼车惊情Jiaojiao[15]
2015Close Ladies闺蜜心窍Song Wanqin
2017Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice傲娇与偏见Momo
Dragon Force: So Long, Ultraman钢铁飞龙之再见奥特曼Voice-dubbed[16]
2019Invisible Fist 父子拳王Song Cai'er[17]
TBASong of the Assassins刺局Qin Shengsheng[18]
S.W.A.T. 特警队[19]

Television series

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes/Ref.
2011Peacock Feather七种武器之孔雀翎Hou Jian
2012Chu Han Zhengxiong楚汉争雄Consort Yu[2]
2013Tong Bai Hero桐柏英雄Han Meishuang[3]
2014The Actions of Snow Eagle雪鹰Luo Xue[20]
2015Wu Xin: The Monster Killer无心法师Li Yueya[6]
The Legend of Qin秦时明月Chi Chen[7]
2016Legend of Nine Tails Fox青丘狐传说Wang Changting[8]
The Imperial Doctress女医·明妃传Empress Wang[9]
Chinese Paladin 5仙劍雲之凡Ling Yin / Ling Bo[10]
Legend of Ace极品家丁Xiao Yuruo[21]
2017Little Valentine小情人Dandan[11]
Candle in the Tomb: Mu Ye Gui Shi鬼吹灯之牧野诡事Bing Lun[12]
2018Mengfei Comes Across萌妃驾到Bu Meng[13]
2019Hope All is Well with Us我们都要好好的Ai Lisha[22]
Can't Hide The Sun掩不住的阳光Su Mei[23]
TBAFearless Whispers隐秘而伟大Shen Qinghe[14]
Kidnapping Game绑架游戏[24]
Like a Flowing River 2大江大河2Liang Sishen[25]
Gossip Girl了不起的女孩Shen Siyi

Variety show

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes/Ref.
2016Sisters Over Flowers花样姐姐Cast member[26]
2017 Flowers of Trip旅途的花样[27]


YearEnglish titleChinese titleAlbumNotes/Ref.
2019 "Starry Sea"星辰大海For China Movie Channel Young Actors Project
with 31 other actors[28]

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
201316th Shanghai International Film FestivalBest New ActressCarpooling ShockNominated[5]
2016 Rayli Fans Festival Dazzling Female Artist N/A Won [29]
Best Taste Award Ceremony Energetic Artist N/A Won [30]
Mobile Video Festival Popularity Award N/A Won [31]
201774th Taormina Film FestKineo Anica Most Promising NewcomerN/AWon[32]
Rayli Magazine Award Ceremony Philanthropy Role Model N/A Won [33]
iFeng Fashion Choice Award Fashion Popularity Award N/A Won [34]
24th Cosmo Beauty Ceremony Beautiful Idol N/A Won [35]
2018 OnlyLady & KIMISS Fashion Awards Popular Female Star N/A Won [36]


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