Gigliola da Carrara

Gigliola da Carrara (1379–1416) was the Marchioness of Ferrara, daughter of Francesco Novello da Carrara, lord of Padua, son of Francesco I da Carrara, and Taddea d'Este.

The 13 years old Marchioness of Ferrara married the Marquis Niccolò III d'Este, son of Alberto V d'Este, in 1394 for 15 years.

She died of the plague in 1416,[1] leaving no children. Nicholò then married Parisina Malatesta whom he condemned to death for adultery with Ugo d'Este, and then Ricciarda di Saluzzo, with whom he had his children Ercole I d'Este and Sigismondo d'Este.

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