Gigglesnort Hotel

Gigglesnort Hotel is a syndicated children's television program which aired starting in 1975 and ran for 78 episodes, until about 1978. It was hosted by Bill Jackson, previously the host of several Chicago-based children's programs, including Clown Alley and The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show. The program was set, as the title implies, at an old hotel, where Jackson's role was a desk clerk.[1] The program featured many of the characters from the previous show, including Dirty Dragon, the Old Professor, Weird, Old Mother Plumtree, and several others who were created just for the program, such as the hotel's owner, Old Man Gigglesnort.[2][3][4][5]

Gigglesnort Hotel
Desk clerk Bill Jackson and Dirty Dragon at the front desk of the Gigglesnort Hotel.
GenreChildren's program
Created byBill Jackson
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Original networkWLS-TV
First shown in1975
Original release1978

The show was widely praised by critics, and became one of the highest rated children's shows in WLS-TV history.[1][6][7] It was syndicated in 1978, airing in several markets nationwide as well as Canada, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.[8]

Jackson made a final appearance for a presentation for the Museum of Broadcast Communications, "Saturday Morning with B.J. and Dirty Dragon: Bill Jackson, Live in Person—One Last Time", in December 2009, saying this would be his last time appearing as a performer.[9][10] In 1995, he donated all his original puppets to Chicago's Museum of Broadcast Communications.[4]


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