GigaSpaces Technologies Inc.,[1][2] is a privately held Israeli software company that empowers architects, data engineers and business leaders with a big data speed layer to operationalize machine learning at the speed and scale of business. This is achieved through an real-time big data analytics processing platform that runs services and machine learning models in production at scale. The in-memory software platform helps insight-driven organizations to seamlessly introduce new applications that need to ingest, process, store and analyze huge amounts of data at extreme speeds, across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments.

GigaSpaces Technologies
FoundersNati Shalom
Key people
Nati Shalom, CTO
  • XAP
  • InsightEdge
WebsiteGigaSpaces Technologies, Inc.

GigaSpaces products are used by hundreds of Tier-1 and Fortune-listed organizations worldwide across financial services, insurance, retail, transportation, telecom, healthcare, and more for real-time decision-making on streaming, transactional and historical data. They enhance operations, regulation adherence and customer experience.


2001First commercial release of the GigaSpaces platform, pioneering a distributed caching solution
2004Introduction of Enterprise ready application grid, a holistic in-memory computing platform for organizations
2005Round A funding led by BRM Capital and Intel Capital
2006Unveiling of space-based architecture as an alternative to building applications
2007Launch of XAP - eXtreme Application Platform
2007Round B funding of $13M
2008XAP implemented by 6 of the 10 largest banks in North America
2012Release of WAN Gateway, a breakthrough, Real-time datacenter replication technology
2014Release of MemoryXtend for the seamless extension of RAM to SSD
2015Round C funding of $20M to accelerate and expand the product portfolio
2016Release of InsightEdge beta version
2016Release of XAP Open Source with XAP 12 version
2016Launch of InsightEdge 1.0 based on XAP Open Source and Apache Spark
2017Release of InsightEdge Platform, unifying advanced analytics, machine learning, and transactional processing
2018Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory support
2019Release of InsightEdge AnalyticsXtreme data lake accelerator

Support for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift Operator Availability on AWS marketplace Partnership with Tableau Partnership with Informatica

Products and Services


An in-memory data grid that delivers fast data processing for high performance, resiliency and ultra-low latency extreme transactional and stream processing for mission-critical applications. It’s a cloud-native application fabric that empowers event-driven microservices and distributed applications for real-time big data innovation. XAP provides an essential set of data store features, including transactions, indexes, and query language (SQL-like queries). It also handles common functions such as messaging, event processing, data access, and transaction processing (ACID compliant) in-memory. The persistence of the data can be performed locally on SSD and persistent memory, or alternatively on an external SQL or NoSQL database which asynchronously replicates the data to the database.


An in-memory real-time analytics processing platform for instant insights to action. Simplifying and streamlining business optimization, it delivers real-time decision support and automated intelligence by unifying fast-data analytics, AI and real-time applications. InsightEdge is built on GigaSpaces mature, cloud-native in-memory data grid (XAP), combining best-in-class analytics frameworks and serving as a real-time digital insight platform that eliminates the traditional separation between data, analytics, and applications. It overcomes the complex obstacles to operationalizing big data analytics at scale and empowers organizations to generate greater business value through instant insights and faster actions.

InsightEdge AnalyticsXtreme

Combines the power of in-memory computing performance and scalability with the co-location of data, business logic, and analytics to deliver faster and smarter insights to action. Interactive queries and machine learning models run simultaneously on both real-time mutable streaming data, hot data and historical data stored in data lakes and data warehouses, without requiring a separate data load procedure or data duplication.

Solution Highlights / Benefits

Extreme Speed

  • Ultra-low latency, high-throughput transaction, stream, and analytical processing.
  • Co-location of data, applications and analytics, eliminating the need to move data to act on time-sensitive data at milli- and micro-second performance.
  • Event-driven analytics and machine learning run simultaneously on live, hot and historical data on data lakes and data warehouses.

Extreme Scale
Elastic linear scaling and handling of peak events without performance degradation supported by a distributed in-memory scale-out, nothing-shared architecture across any environment.

Any Data

  • Ingestion, processing, and analysis from any data source including structured, unstructured or semi-structured.
  • Applications and analytics seamlessly access documents, images, tables, objects geo-location and more.

TCO Reduction

  • Simplified architecture eliminating cluster and component sprawl complexity, radically minimizing the amount of moving parts on cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.
  • Intelligent, multi-tiered data management across RAM, Persistent Memory, SSD, file systems (HDFS) and cloud objects stores (Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake Storage), per application business logic.

No Downtime

  • Mature, battle-tested platform for mission-critical businesses.
  • Highly available with up to 5 nines reliability and auto-healing.
  • Geo-redundancy and fast data replication for disaster recovery.

Awards/ Recognition

  • Network Products Guide, Business Intelligence and Analytics Gold Winner, 2019
  • InsideBIGDATA Impact 50 for Q4 2019
  • Gold Winner in the Performance Optimization Category, Golden Bridge Awards® 2019
  • Top Spot for AI and Cloud Innovation, Informatica World 2019
  • Deloitte Brightman Almagor's Fast 50
  • Most Innovative Flash Memory Customer Implementation, 2015
  • Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award, 2012
  • Red Herring Top 100 Europe Winner, 2012
  • SD Times 100 Winner, 2012

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