Gianni Solaro

Gianni Solaro (born Gianni Lorenzon on 11 August 1926 ) is an Italian film and television actor.

Gianni Solaro
Born11 August 1926 (1926-08-11) (age 93)
Rome, Italy

Born in Rome, Solaro was a character actor in the Italian film industry for about twenty years, between the late 1950s and the late 1970s.[1] During his career he spanned any sort of role, alternating genre films and art films, and notably working with Mario Monicelli, Marco Bellocchio, Luigi Zampa, Mario Camerini, Francesco Maselli and Florestano Vancini.[1] He was sometimes credited John Sun.[1] His brother was the actor Livio Lorenzon.[2]

Partial filmography


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