Gianfranco Manfredi

Gianfranco Manfredi (born 26 November 1948) is an Italian singer-songwriter, composer, author, screenwriter, actor and cartoonist.

Gianfranco Manfredi
Born (1948-11-26) 26 November 1948

Life and career

Born in Senigallia, Manfredi graduated in History of Philosophy at the University of Milan with a thesis on Jean-Jacques Rousseau.[1]

He debuted as a singer-songwriter in 1972 with La crisi, an album filled with political and social themes.[1][2] In 1973 he started working at the Italian Institute of History of Philosophy. Since 1974 he was also active as a songwriter for other artists, including Mia Martini, Mina, PFM, Wess & Dori Ghezzi, Drupi, Heather Parisi, Donatello.[2][1]

Starting from the early 1980s Manfredi almost completely abandoned the music to focus on writing. He has then published over a dozen novels and short stories, collaborated in various roles to several films, TV-series and plays, and created several comic series.[2][1] He is also active as a musical critic, and wrote essays on Adriano Celentano, Lucio Battisti, Enzo Jannacci and other Italian music artists.[2][1]

He lives with his wife Mirella in Italy. His first daughter Diana Manfredi is a film director.


  • 1972 – La crisi
  • 1976 – Ma non è una malattia
  • 1977 – Zombie di tutto il mondo unitevi
  • 1978 – Biberon
  • 1981 – Gianfranco Manfredi
  • 1985 – Dodici (with Ricky Gianco)
  • 1993 – In paradiso fa troppo caldo


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