Gewandhaus is a concert hall in Leipzig, Germany, the home of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. Today's hall is the third to bear this name; like the second, it is noted for its fine acoustics.


  • The first concert hall was constructed in 1781 by architect Johann Carl Friedrich Dauthe inside the Gewandhaus, a building used by cloth (garment) merchants.
  • The second Gewandhaus was designed by Martin Gropius. It opened on 11 December 1884, and had a main concert hall and a chamber music hall. It was destroyed in the fire-bombings of World War II between 1943 and 1944.
  • The third Gewandhaus on Augustusplatz opened on 8 October 1981, two hundred years after the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra moved into the original hall.


The hall contains a concert organ: Schuke, Potsdam IV-92-6638.

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