German School Shanghai

The German School & Kindergarten Shanghai (German: Deutsche Schule Shanghai, simplified Chinese: 上海德国学校; traditional Chinese: 上海德國學校; pinyin: Shànghǎi Déguó Xuéxiào) is a private school in Shanghai, with locations in Qingpu District and Pudong.[1][2]

German School Shanghai
Deutsche Schule Shanghai
Eurocampus (欧洲校园): 350 Gao Guang Lu, 201702 Shanghai, P.R. China
Pudong Campus (东校园): 1100 Jufeng Lu 201206 Shanghai - PR China
HeadmistressRegine Michel
Number of pupilsca. 1300

It was established in 1995 for expatriate German pupils. With ca. 1300 pupils the school is the largest German School in China and the largest of its kind worldwide.

Academics are based on education in Germany, finishing with the Abitur.

The school contains:

The German School Shanghai (DSS) and the French School of Shanghai (LFS) built a new combined "EuroCampus" for their students, completed in 2005.

A new Eurocampus will open in Yangpu District in 2019.[3]

In September 2007 the PudongCampus was opened, which is a branch of the DSS.


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