Gerhard I of Metz

Gerhard I of Metz (c. 875 22 Jun 910) was count of Metz. He was the son of Adalhard (c. 850 2 Jan 890), count of Metz, himself son of Adalard the Seneschal and a daughter of Matfried, count of Eifel (c. 820 bef. 18 Sep 882)


He tried in vain to rule Lotharingia with his brothers Steven and Matfried I (count of Eifel).

In 897, Gerhard and his brothers were in conflict with King Zwentibold. They were first rejected, and reconciled shortly after.

He led an uprising with his brother Matfried, and in 900 defeated and killed Zwentibold on the battlefield of Susteren.

He went to war, again with Matfried, in 906 against the count Conrad.

He was killed in a battle against the Bavarian army on 22 June 910.


After 13 August 900, Gerhard married the widow of Zwentibold, Oda (c. 880 bef. 952), daughter of Otto I, Duke of Saxony,[1] and had:

Oda of Saxony remarried to Eberhard, count in Oberlahngau.


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