George W. Blunt

George William Blunt (11 Mar 1802 – 19 Apr 1878) was a marine publisher for E & G. W. Blunt and Secretary of the Board of Pilot Commissioners for the New York harbor from 1845-1877).[1] In 1833 he worked for the United States Coast Survey and made surveys of the New York harbor and the Bahama banks.[2]

George William Blunt
BornMarch 11, 1802 (1802-03-11)
DiedApril 19, 1878 (1878-04-20) (aged 76)
Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
Occupationpublisher, Office of New York Pilot Commissioner
Spouse(s)Martha Garsett

Personal life

He was born on March 14, 1802 in Newburyport, Massachusetts, the son of the author Edmund March Blunt. He married Martha Garsett on December 22, 1821. They had two daughters.[3]

Nautical publisher

He and his brother, Edmund Blunt (1799-1866), went into business with their father, Edmund March Blunt, at E & G. W. Blunt Publishing, a well known publishing house of marine works. He authored many books and charts. He wrote the Memoir of the dangers and ice in the North Atlantic Ocean (1845), The Way to Avoid the Centre of Our Violent Gales (1868), and Pilot Laws, Harbor and Quarantine Regulations of New York (1869). Blunt's books were provided to the United States Hydrographic Office.

The firm closed in 1872 and sold the chart copyrights and plates to the Coast Survey and U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office.[4]

New York Pilot Commissioners

In 1845 Blunt was appointed on the board of New York Pilot Commissioners and was Secretary of the Board. He helped to organized the pilot service in New York Harbor. The pilot boat, USS G. W. Blunt (1861) was named after him.[5]

Nautical School for the harbor of New York

In May 1871, George W. Blunt became a trustee of the Nautical School for the harbor of New York. Its purpose was to educate boys in seamanship and navigation.[6] Ellwood Walter was also a trustee during this time and shared the same interest in seamanship and navigation.


He died on April 19, 1878 in Manhattan, New York, New York, and was bureid at the Green-wood cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.[7]


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