George Dandin ou le Mari confondu

George Dandin ou le Mari confondu (Georges Dandin or the Confounded Husband) is a French comedy by Molière. It premiered on 18 July 1668 at the Palace of Versailles. Subsequent public performances were given in the theatre of the Palais-Royal beginning on 9 November 1668.[1]

The play showcases the folly a man commits when he marries a woman of higher rank than his own. Molière's Dandin is an impersonation of a husband who has patiently to endure all the extravagant whims and fancies of his dame of a wife.


  • Georges Dandin (George Dandin), husband of Angelica
  • Angelica (Angélique), Georges Dandin's wife
  • Sir Sotenville (Monsieur de Sotenville), Angelica's father
  • Mrs Sotenville (Madame de Sotenville), Sir Sotenville's wife
  • Clitandre (Clitandre), in love with Angelica
  • Claudine, Angelica's servant
  • Lubin, Clitander's servant
  • Colin, Dandin's servant



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