Geometry and the Imagination

Geometry and the Imagination is the English translation of the 1932 book Anschauliche Geometrie by David Hilbert and Stephan Cohn-Vossen.[1]

Geometry and the Imagination
Original titleAnschauliche Geometrie
TranslatorPaul Nemenyi
PublisherChelsea Publishing (American Mathematical Society)
Publication date

The book was based on a series of lectures Hilbert made in the winter of 1920–21. The book is an attempt to present some then-current mathematical thought to "contribute to a more just appreciation of mathematics by a wider range of people than just the specialists."[2]


The Mathematical Association of America said about the book, "this book is a masterpiece — a delightful classic that should never go out of print".[3] Physics Today called it "a readable exposition of modern geometry and its relation to other branches of mathematics".[4] The Scientific Monthly said about it "has been a classic for twenty years . . . Although it deals with elementary topics, it reaches the fringe of our knowledge in many directions".[5]


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