Geological Association of Canada

The Geological Association of Canada (GAC) is a learned society that promotes and develops the geological sciences in Canada. The organization holds conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the discussion of geological problems and the exchange of views in matters related to geology. It publishes various journals and collections of learned papers dealing with geology.

Geological Association of Canada
Formation14 February 1947
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On February 14, 1947, a group of geologists met in Toronto with the objective of creating the Geological Institute of Canada, an association of geologists with the purpose of promoting, discussing and disseminating geological knowledge. Later that year a preliminary Constitution and Bylaws were approved and the first Councillors were elected. The organization's name was changed to the Geological Association of Canada. The group initially began with 140 charter members.

The Association was designed to bridge the gap between the perceived industrial mineral orientation of the Geological Division of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and the purely scientific objectives of Section IV of the Royal Society of Canada.

The Geological Association of Canada (GAC) is currently a national multi-disciplinary geoscience organization with representatives in all Canadian Territories and Provinces as well as the United States, Europe and other parts of the world. The GAC makes significant contributions to the promotion and development of the geological sciences in Canada through publications, awards, conferences, meetings and exhibitions.

Objectives of the Geological Association of Canada:

  • to promote the science of geology and closely related fields of study
  • to promote the knowledge of its members
  • to hold conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the discussion of geological problems and the exchange of views in matters related to geology
  • to publish journals and collections of learned papers dealing with geology

GAC provides geoscientists from Canada and abroad with Annual Conferences, known as the GAC-MAC (Mineralogical Association of Canada), Sympsia, Short Courses, Field Trips, National Geoscience Lecture Tours, as well as Geoscience Canada and GEOLOG publications.


Membership in the Geological Association of Canada is open to all geoscientists and those interested in geoscience. Membership can be renewed annually with members receiving many benefits including:

  • Reduced rates on Subscription to Geoscience Canada, GAC’s Flagship Journal
  • Free Online Subscription to GEOLOG, GAC’s informative, provocative and entertaining newsmagazine
  • 45% Discount on GAC publications - Shop our Bookstore
  • Savings of >$300 on Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences online subscription
  • Savings of >$150 on Canadian Geotechnical Journal online subscription
  • Savings of >$75 on Environmental Reviews online subscription
  • Greatly reduced registration fee at GAC-MAC annual meetings
  • Networking opportunities with 13 Specialist Divisions and 6 Regional Sections (see below)
  • Networking opportunities with leading experts around the world
  • Publishing opportunity with your own professional publishing house
  • Members are granted voting privileges and have the opportunity to choose their representation in GAC at the annual general meeting; and
  • plus a multitude of Website resources at

Membership is available at many levels including Full, Seniors, Under-employed, Spousal, Student, Teacher, and Corporate. Further details and membership sign-up can be found at Join or Renew Geological Association of Canada Membership

Sections and Divisions

GAC Members can also choose to join and participate in numerous Sections, representing geographic regions; and Divisions, representing specific branches of geoscience. The GAC's Sections and Divisions publish books and newsletters, host meetings, talks and lectures along with promoting general geoscience relative to their areas or disciplines.

Sections include:

Divisions include:

Medals and awards

The Geological Association of Canada recognizes geological contributions with a series of individual awards.

  • The Logan Medal for sustained distinguished achievement in Canadian earth science.
  • The Ambrose Medal for sustained dedicated service to the Canadian earth science community
  • The W. W. Hutchison Medal (previously the Past Presidents' Medal), awarded to a young individual for recent exceptional advances in Canadian earth science research
  • The E. R. Ward Neale Medal for sustained outstanding efforts in sharing earth science with Canadians
  • The Yves Fortier Earth Science Journalism Award for excellence in journalistic treatment of earth science in the newspaper medium

Partner Societies

The Partner Societies are made up of GAC Members and persons organized as a local or university discussion group or society. They may be recognized as a Partner Society of the Association for the purpose of cooperation or participation in the Annual, Sectional, Divisional or other meetings and for the distribution of publications, and in such other ways for the furtherance of geoscience.

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