Geoffrey II, Count of Perche

Geoffrey II (died October 1100), Count of Mortagne and Count of Perche, son of Rotrou I, Viscount of Châteaudun, and Adelise de Bellême,[1] daughter of Guérin de Domfront. Geoffrey was Count of Mortagne and Seigneur of Nogent from 1060 to 1090, and Count of Perche from 1090 until his death.

Godffrey succeeded his father in 1080, receiving the Percheron fields of his father (Mortagne-au-Perche and Nogent-le-Rotrou), while his younger brother Hugues received Châteaudun. A third brother, Rotrou, acquired by marriage the lordship of Montfort-le-Rotrou. He participated in the conquest of England and fought at the Battle of Hastings.[2] For his service, William the Conqueror gave him a reward of significant property in England.

Geoffrey and his two brothers attacked Robert of Bellême, involving a land dispute.[3] Later he tried to attack Belleme again, with the help of Elias I, Count of Maine, but failed. He devoted the rest of his life to religious pursuits, and founded the first leper colony in Perche.

Geoffrey married Beatrix de Ramerupt, daughter of Hilduin IV, Count of Montdidier,[4] and Alice de Roucy. Geoffrey and Beatrix had:

Geoffrey was succeeded by his son Rotrou as Count of Perche upon his death.


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