Gentofte Lake

Gentofte Lake (Danish: Gentofte Sø) is a lake in Gentofte in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark. It has a surface area of 36.73 hectares. The Brobæk Mose bogland adjoins the lake to the northwest.

Gentofte Sø
Gentofte Lake viewed from the north
LocationGentofte, Copenhagen
Coordinates55°44′46″N 12°32′8″E
Surface area36.73 hectares (90.8 acres)


The original Gentofte was situated at the lake.[1] Alexander Mitchell, a Scottish immigrant, established a hosiery factory at the lake in 1795.[2] The lake was used in Copenhagen's water supply until 1959.[3]

The site

The neighbourhood at Mitchellsstræde is the remains of the so-called Bondeby. The oldest of the houses is from 1728. The yellow buildings located closest to the lake are the remains of Mitchell's stockings factory.


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