Genia Nikolajewa

Genia Nikolajewa (1904–2001) was a Russian-born German actress who made films in several countries, notably in Germany where she appeared in films such as Robert Siodmak's 1932 comedy Quick[1] in a succession of supporting or minor roles. She later moved to Hollywood. She was sometimes credited as Genia Nikolaieva or Eugenia Nikolajewa.

Genia Nikolajewa
Nikolajewa with Theo Lingen, Berlin (1936)
Born2 January 1904
Died22 December 2001
Other namesGenia Nikolaieva
Eugenia Nikolajewa
Years active1930-1942 (film)

Nikolaieva was born in St Petersburg to German-Russian parents, but moved to Germany at an early age. She starred in a series of stage revues which led to her being employed by the film industry. Because she was considered "Half-Jewish" (cf. Mischling) by the Nazis, she found it increasingly difficult to gain roles following the Nazi takeover of Germany and in 1938 she went into exile in Hollywood. As well as making occasionally films, she also worked for Warner Brothers in an administrative role. In 1937, she married the film editor Carl Forcht.

Selected filmography


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