General Pershing (motor ship)

General Pershing was a 266.2 ft (81.1 m) wooden auxiliary vessel, a five masted bald-headed schooner. Built in 1918, Olympia Washington,[1] General Pershing was powered with two 350 hp Sumner surface ignition engines.[2]

General Pershing before launching at Portland
United States
Name: General Pershing
Namesake: John J. Pershing
Builder: Olympia Ship Building Company, Olympia Washington
Completed: 1918
Homeport: Portland Oregon
Identification: 216063 Signal Letters: LJTC
General characteristics
Type: Freighter
Tonnage: 2,450 long tons (2,489 t) Gross
Length: 266.2 ft (81.1 m)
Beam: 48 ft (15 m)
Draft: Unknown
Depth of hold: 24.1'
Propulsion: Motor & Sail
Complement: 14

Operational history

General Pershing was originally built for use in the Atlantic trade by Norwegian interests and in 1921 was sold to the P.E. Harris Company of Seattle Washington for transporting salmon from Alaska canneries to the Atlantic and Gulf Coast markets via the Panama Canal.

On July 11, 1921, General Pershing struck the Endymion Rock, Turks Islands and was wrecked. Her crew were rescued.[3]


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