Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium

Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium, also known as Jakabaring Stadium (Indonesian: Stadion Gelora Sriwijaya; literally "Sriwijaya Sports Arena Stadium"), is a multi-purpose stadium located in Jakabaring Sport City complex in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 23,000 spectators.[2] The construction began in 2001 and finished in 2004 to host the 2004 Indonesia National Games.[3] The stadium was initially named as Jakabaring stadium after the location of the stadium in southern outskirt of Palembang. However, later the stadium was renamed "Gelora Sriwijaya", to honor and celebrate the 7th—13th century Indonesian empire of Srivijaya. The Third Place Playoff of the 2007 AFC Asian Cup was held in this stadium. The football club Sriwijaya is based at the stadium.[4]

Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium
Jakabaring Stadium
SEA Games 2011 opening ceremony
Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium
Location in Palembang
LocationJl. Gubernur HA Bastari, Jakabaring, Palembang, South Sumatra
Coordinates3°01′17″S 104°47′21″E
Public transit Jakabaring
OwnerGovernment of the South Sumatra Province
Field size105 by 68 m (344 by 223 ft)
SurfaceBuffalo Grass


The capacity of this stadium is 23,000 spectators, with four tribune (A, B, C, and D) around the main field. The size of main soccer field is 68 x 105 metres, surrounded by eight lanes athletics track and field with red gravel surface. The main tribune on west and east side (A and B) is covered with two large steel arch. Two bulbous blue roofs supported by these arches took form of the sail of the ship, symbolizes Srivijaya as the maritime empire.[5] On the main outer wall on west and east side adorned with songket textile motifs as the cultural identity of Palembang. The main score screen is located on southern tribune (tribune D), while the fire cauldron is located in southern side of the main field between the soccer field and athletic tracks. This stadium also contains three standard squash field.

The stadium underwent renovations prior to the 2018 Asian Games, converting it to an all-seater stadium. Shortly prior to the Games, 335 of the new seats were damaged by fans in the aftermath of a Sriwijaya F.C. loss.[6][7]

Entertainment events

Sporting events


International matches hosted

30 Jun 2007 International Friendly  Indonesia 2–1 Liberia XI N/A
21 Nov 2010 International Friendly  Indonesia 6–0  Timor-Leste N/A
24 Nov 2010 International Friendly  Indonesia 2–0  Chinese Taipei N/A

Recent tournament results

2005 AFF U-20 Youth Championship

Date Time (UTC+07) Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance
5 August 200516:00 Indonesia1–2 ThailandGroup stageN/A
5 August 200518:45 Brunei0–3 MyanmarGroup stageN/A
6 August 200516:00 Vietnam1–1 LaosGroup stageN/A
6 August 200518:45 Maldives2–2 Timor-LesteGroup stageN/A
7 August 200516:00 Indonesia5–0 BruneiGroup stageN/A
7 August 200518:45 Malaysia3–1 ThailandGroup stageN/A
8 August 200516:00 Laos2–0 MaldivesGroup stageN/A
8 August 200518:45 Singapore0–0 VietnamGroup stageN/A
9 August 200516:00 Thailand0–1 MyanmarGroup stageN/A
9 August 200518:45 Malaysia3–3 IndonesiaGroup stageN/A
10 August 200516:00 Vietnam6–2 Timor-LesteGroup stageN/A
10 August 200518:45 Singapore0–1 LaosGroup stageN/A
11 August 200516:00 Brunei1–10 ThailandGroup stageN/A
11 August 200518:45 Myanmar2–1 MalaysiaGroup stageN/A
12 August 200516:00 Maldives0–4 VietnamGroup stageN/A
12 August 200518:45 Timor-Leste1–3 SingaporeGroup stageN/A
13 August 200515:45 Indonesia4–3 MyanmarGroup stageN/A
14 August 200516:00 Singapore2–1 MaldivesGroup stageN/A
14 August 200518:45 Timor-Leste0–4 LaosGroup stageN/A
17 August 200516:00 Myanmar1–1 (5–4 pen.) VietnamSemi-finalsN/A
17 August 200519:15 Laos1–2 MalaysiaSemi-finalsN/A
19 August 200516:00 Vietnam1–4 LaosThird place play-offN/A
19 August 200519:00 Myanmar1–0 MalaysiaFinalN/A

2007 AFC Asian Cup

Date Time (UTC+07) Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance
18 July 200717:15 Saudi Arabia4–0 BahrainGroup D500
28 July 200719:30 South Korea0–0 (a.e.t.)
(6–5 pen.)
 JapanThird place play-off10,000

2013 Islamic Solidarity Games

Date Time (UTC+07) Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance
19 September 201315:30 Saudi Arabia1–1 SyriaGroup stageN/A
19 September 201320:45 Indonesia1–0 MoroccoGroup stageN/A
23 September 201315:30 Turkey1–1 Saudi ArabiaGroup stageN/A
23 September 201319:00 Morocco3–1 PalestineGroup stageN/A
25 September 201315:30 Saudi Arabia2–2 IraqGroup stageN/A
25 September 201320:45 Palestine2–1 IndonesiaGroup stageN/A
27 September 201315:30 Turkey0–0 (a.e.t.)
(6–7 pen.)
27 September 201319:30 Morocco1–0 (a.e.t.) Saudi ArabiaSemi-finalsN/A
29 September 201315:30 Turkey2–1 Saudi ArabiaBronze medal matchN/A
29 September 201320:45 Indonesia1–2 MoroccoGold medal matchN/A

2018 AFF Women's Championship

Date Time (UTC+07) Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance
1 July 201816:00 Philippines0–4 MyanmarGroup stage150
1 July 201819:00 Singapore0–0 IndonesiaGroup stage200
3 July 201816:00 Indonesia0–6 VietnamGroup stage100
3 July 201819:00 Singapore0–3 PhilippinesGroup stage100
5 July 201816:00 Vietnam10–0 SingaporeGroup stage50
5 July 201819:00 Myanmar6–1 IndonesiaGroup stage200
7 July 201816:00 Myanmar7–0 SingaporeGroup stage100
7 July 201819:00 Philippines0–5 VietnamGroup stage50
9 July 201816:00 Indonesia3–3 PhilippinesGroup stage50
9 July 201819:00 Vietnam4–3 MyanmarGroup stage100
11 July 201816:00 Vietnam2–4 Australia U20Semi-finals100
13 July 201816:00 Myanmar0–3 VietnamThird place matchN/A
13 July 201819:00 Thailand3–2 Australia U20FinalN/A

2018 Asian Games – Women's tournament

Date Time (UTC+07) Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round Attendance
16 August 201815:00 South Korea2–1 Chinese TaipeiGroup AN/A
18:30 Indonesia6–0 MaldivesN/A
17 August 201818:30 China PR7–0 Hong KongGroup BN/A
19 August 201815:00 Maldives0–8 South KoreaGroup AN/A
18:30 Chinese Taipei4–0 IndonesiaN/A
20 August 201818:30 Tajikistan0–16 China PRGroup BN/A
21 August 201815:00 Japan7–0 VietnamGroup CN/A
18:30 Indonesia0–12' South KoreaGroup AN/A
22 August 201818:30 North Korea0–2' China PRGroup BN/A
24 August 201816:00 South Korea5–0 Hong KongQuarter-finalsN/A
19:30 Chinese Taipei0–0 (a.e.t.)
(4–3 pen.)
25 August 201816:00 Japan2–1 North KoreaN/A
19:30 China PR5–0 ThailandN/A
28 August 201816:00 South Korea1–2' JapanSemi-finalsN/A
19:30 Chinese Taipei0–1' China PRN/A
31 August 201815:00 South Korea4–0 Chinese TaipeiBronze medal matchN/A
31 August 201819:30 Japan1–0 China PRGold medal matchN/A


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