Gavin Lightman

Sir Gavin Anthony Lightman (born 20 December 1939), styled The Hon. Mr Justice Lightman, has been a judge of the English High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, since 1994. He retired from office as a High Court judge on 10 January 2008 and is currently the Chairman of Harbour Litigation Funding's Investment Committee.

He is the son of Harold Lightman, QC and the brother of Professor Stafford Lightman.



  • Faculty of Law, University of Sheffield, 1962
  • Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1963, Bencher 1987; QC 1980
  • Judge of the Crown Office 1995- (now Administrative Court)
  • Judge of the Restrictive Practices Court 1997-2001

Other positions

  • Vice President, Anglo-Jewish Association, 1995- (Dep. Pres., 1986–92)
  • Chairman: Education Committee, Anglo Jewish Association, 1986–94
  • Chairman: Education Committee, Hillel House, 1992-96 (Vice-Pres., 1996-)
  • Chairman: Legal Friends, University of Haifa, 1990- (Governor, 1994
  • Chairman: Leonard Sainer Legal Education Foundation, 2000-
  • Patron: Commonwealth Jewish Council, 1994-2000 (Chm., 2000-)
  • Patron: Hammerson Home, 1996-
  • Patron: British Fulbright Scholars Association (BFSA), 2008-
  • Treasurer: Lincoln's Inn, 2008
  • Chairman: Investment Committee, Harbour Litigation Funding (2010–present)


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