Gary Blackwood (author)

Gary Blackwood (born October 23, 1945) is an American author known for The Shakespeare Stealer trilogy.[1] Born in Meadville, Pennsylvania,[2] Blackwood sold his first story when he was nineteen.[3] In 1998, he published The Shakespeare Stealer, a historical fiction novel about an orphan, Widge, who is sent to steal Hamlet from William Shakespeare and The Lord Chamberlain's Men. After it won the 1999 ALA Best Book for Young Adults, Blackwood published two sequels, Shakespeare's Scribe (2000) and Shakespeare's Spy (2003). Since then, he has continued writing historical fiction, such as Around the World in 100 Days (2010), which the Smithsonian named a 2010 Notable Book for Children and Kirkus Book Reviews one of 2010's Best Books for Teens. In 2017, he branched out into adult fiction with a Victorian mystery, Bucket’s List, and followed it with a sequel, Bucket’s Brigade (2019).

Gary Blackwood
Born (1945-10-23) October 23, 1945
Meadville, Pennsylvania, U.S.
GenreChildren's fiction, historical fiction, science fiction
Notable worksThe Shakespeare Stealer

Blackwood is also a widely produced playwright. In 2001, the Kennedy Center commissioned him to write a one-act play of The Shakespeare Stealer; two years later, Seattle Children’s Theatre commissioned a full-length version that has since been staged by a number of other professional theatres, including Nashville Children’s Theatre and Children’s Theatre of Charlotte.


  • 1990 Friends of American Writers Best Young Adult Novel for The Dying Sun[4]
  • Ozark Creative Writers Conference 1st prize for Attack of the Mushroom People
  • Missouri Scriptworks 1st prize for Dark Horse
  • 1999 ALA Best Book for Young Adults for The Shakespeare Stealer[5]
  • 2010 Smithsonian's Notable Books for Children for Around the World in 100 Days[6]
  • 2010 Best Books for Teens by Kirkus Book Reviews for Around the World in 100 Days[7]



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