Garçon Pamplemousse

Garçon Pamplemousse is an album by the Northern Irish band Benzine Headset. It was released on Medieval Haircut Records in 2001.[1] The lead singer, Peter Wilson, went on to record under the name Duke Special, re-recording two songs Freewheel and Kill Me Quickly for Lucky Me.

Garçon Pamplemousse
Studio album by
LabelMedieval Haircut Records
ProducerBenzine Headset & Trevor Michael

Track listing

  1. As Good as it Gets
  2. You're Making Me So Happy (For a Change)
  3. Fire
  4. Freewheel
  5. I AM Useless
  6. Kill Me Quickly
  7. Trying to Say
  8. Fell Asleep with the TV On
  9. Guessing
  10. Walk without Direction
  11. Some Kind of Love
  12. Delilah (Tom Jones cover - hidden track)

All songs were written by Benzine Headset, with the exception of Delilah written by Les Reed and Barry Mason.


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