Gansu Tianma F.C.

Gansu Tianma (Simplified Chinese: 甘肃天马) was a football team based in Lanzhou, Gansu province, in the People's Republic of China, that played in the Chinese Football Association Jia League.

Gansu TTianma
Full nameGansu Tianma Football Club
Founded1999 (1999)
Dissolved2004 (2004)
LeagueJia B League

Founded on 18 December 1999,[1] the club did not get promotion from the Chinese Football Association Yi League. In 2001, however, the club bought a position in the Jia League from Tianjin Lifei.

Former England international Paul Gascoigne played four games for them in 2003, scoring two goals, before returning to England after falling out with the club.[2][3]

Gansu Tianma changed their name to Ningbo Yaoma (Simplified Chinese: 宁波耀马) in 2003.[4]

Gansu Tianma were relegated to the Yi League in 2004 and sold to Dongguan Dongcheng, who moved the club to the Hong Kong First Division League.

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