Gamma/Gompertz distribution

In probability and statistics, the Gamma/Gompertz distribution is a continuous probability distribution. It has been used as an aggregate-level model of customer lifetime and a model of mortality risks.

Gamma/Gompertz distribution
Probability density function

Note: b=0.4, β=3
Cumulative distribution function




Probability density function

The probability density function of the Gamma/Gompertz distribution is:

where is the scale parameter and are the shape parameters of the Gamma/Gompertz distribution.

Cumulative distribution function

The cumulative distribution function of the Gamma/Gompertz distribution is:

Moment generating function

The moment generating function is given by:

where is a Hypergeometric function.


The Gamma/Gompertz distribution is a flexible distribution that can be skewed to the right or to the left.

  • When β = 1, this reduces to an Exponential distribution with parameter sb.
  • The gamma distribution is a natural conjugate prior to a Gompertz likelihood with known, scale parameter [1]
  • When the shape parameter of a Gompertz distribution varies according to a gamma distribution with shape parameter and scale parameter (mean = ), the distribution of is Gamma/Gompertz.[1]

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