Game Plan (TV series)

Game Plan (千方百计) is a Singaporean Chinese drama which debuted on 9 October 2012.[1] This series was the second production by Wawa Pictures to be broadcast on MediaCorp Channel 8, the last series being "The Oath". It stars Christopher Lee , Jesseca Liu , Shaun Chen , Jacelyn Tay , Chen Shucheng , Lin Meijiao & Tong Bing Yu as the casts of the series and it will also be the third Wawa production featuring Christopher Lee and Jesseca Liu, and the seventh pair-up for both of them.

Game Plan
Also known asTricked 中计
Written byHo Hee Ann 何启安
StarringChristopher Lee 李铭顺
Jesseca Liu 刘子绚
Shaun Chen 陈泓宇
Jacelyn Tay 郑秀珍
Chen Shucheng 陈澍城
Lin Meijiao 林梅娇
Tong Bing Yu 童冰玉
Opening themeWake Up by Anthony Neely
Ending theme魔鬼中的天使 by Hebe Tian
关键字 by Nick Yeo
你能夠 by Nick Yeo
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes20 (list of episodes)
Producer(s)Molby Low 刘健财
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes
Production company(s)Wawa Pictures
Original networkMediaCorp Channel 8
Original release9 October 
5 November 2012
Preceded byPoetic Justice
Followed byIt Takes Two
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Game Plan
Traditional Chinese千方百計
Simplified Chinese千方百计


On Zhao Xintong's (Jesseca Liu) wedding day, her groom, Adam (Darren Lim), was nowhere to be seen. When she returned home, she was surrounded by her debtors. Xintong realized that she has fallen into a trap set by Adam, a love cheat. Not only was she cheated of her life savings; she now has a huge debt to repay. In the darkest moments of her life, a shining light of hope appeared. She was told that a swindler was about to be released from jail. With his help, there may be hope for Xintong.

As Zeng Haoren (Christopher Lee) stepped out of the prison gates, Xintong approached him and made her intentions clear. She gave him all the money she had. Haoren wanted her to wait for him. As the sun set and rose again, Xintong realized that she had been tricked again. Her body could not hold out and she fainted.

When she awoke, she found herself in an unknown place. Haoren wants her to follow his instructions without question. Under the meticulous planning of Haoren's team which includes Bu Chengcai (Chen Shucheng), Zhang Shiyun (Lin Meijiao) and Xiaogui (Tang Lingyi), Xintong managed to get her money back and expose Adam of his evil deeds. Haoren continued to help Xintong solve a few more cases, in the process helping Junwei (Shaun Chen), a police officer, bust a few crime syndicates. However, Haoren chose to remain low-profile, pushing the credit to the others.

Xintong began to develop feelings for Haoren and was curious of Haoren's background. After much internal struggle, she mustered up her courage to tell him but was rejected. She learnt from the others that he still deeply loves his ex-girlfriend and was curious about it. He told her his story after much persuasion but made her believe it was all a lie. She started to avoid him but Mo Yan (Jacelyn Tay) had other ideas.

Since young, Mo Yan and Haoren have been good friends, but little did Haoren know that Moyan has long been carrying a torch for him. She sent her men to keep watch on Haoren and disguised herself to get close to Xintong, to get closer to Haoren. Due to a kidnapping of Xintong by Ziguang (Zen Chong), Mo Yan tried to save her but an accident took away Xintong's sight. Haoren was devastated and blamed Mo Yan for this. Mo Yan tried to fend for herself but Haoren insist that it was her fault. Mo Yan became angry at his accusations and decided to get revenge on him. Meanwhile, Haoren and Xintong marry and Xintong regains her memories.

Haoren and Mo Yan engaged in a battle of wits, with Xintong as pawn for revenge. Mo Yan made the first step by ordering Xintong to spike his food and drinks with drugs. In order to have a peaceful life with Xintong, Haoren disbanded his group but was furious at their refusal to leave. The group members figured something was out of place, they decided to put hidden cameras in the house. Xiaogui went to deal with Mo Yan after finding out about the drug and being chased away by Haoren when she told him the truth. Xiaogui was caught by Mo Yan who set a trap. Junwei was suspected and forced to kill Xiaogui to prove his loyalty. After finding out about Xiaogui's death, Haoren was furious but is arrested by the police as Xiaogui's murderer. Xintong testified against Haoren for revenge after regaining her sight and Haoren was sentenced to jail.

Later, Xintong found out that it was Xiaogui that donated her cornea so that Xintong may once again see and she regretted taking revenge. She tried to testify for Haoren at the court but was too late. Mo Yan threatened to expose Junwei if Haoren did not plead guilty. In order to protect his brother, Haoren pleaded guilty and was sentenced to jail. At that time, Xintong found out she was pregnant and Haoren decided to fight back against Mo Yan. He escaped prison with Zi Guang and Keli (Chris Tong), unintentionally helping him. Then, he went to his safe house and battled against Mo Yan with the help of Xiaogui's technology.

After a few rounds, Haoren is seemingly at the losing end and the last duel was on the rooftop. Mo Yan captured Junwei, his mother, Keli and Xintong to threatened him to rejoin the Organisation. Seeing that he has no other way out, Haoren jumped off the building. Haoren planned his suicide to find evidence against Mo Yan and had the police, Shiyun and Chengcai help him to stage his 'death'. A truck full of boxes and styrofoam was placed behind a wall in which Haoren jumped into and a fake corpse under the truck as a decoy.

Mo Yan is devastated by Haoren's 'death' and added drugs to her drinks and roast duck so that she may once see Haoren in her hallucinations. Haoren used this to his advantage and tricked her into spilling the beans with the police hidden, but present. In the end, Mo Yan revealed everything to the police in her drugged up state. Upon realising that she had already been duped by Haoren, she committed suicide in front of Haoren and the police.

Haoren reunited with Xintong and Junwei but he turned himself in to the police and is relieved Junwei was not charged for Xiaogui's murder. In the meantime, Junwei and Keli rekindle their relationship and he told her he will wait for her while she is in jail by putting a ring on her finger. A few months later, Xintong gave birth to the child.

10 years later, due to a composition competition, Xintong told her son the truth about his father, allowing him to choose to forgive or despise his father. His son choose to forgive by going to pick his father from jail and the family reunite.


Christopher Lee
Zeng Hao Ren
Chen Jun Qi 陈骏奇
A kind-hearted professional con artist who leads a con group
Xin Tong/Yang Min's boyfriend and later husband
Jun Wei's long lost elder brother
Jesseca Liu
Zhao Xin Tong
Yang Min 杨敏
Hao Ren's girlfriend and later wife
Married Hao Ren to seek revenge for her Father's death
Later forgave and loves Hao Ren
Turned blind after an accident and regained her sight after Xiao Gui donated her eye corneas to her
Gave birth to Hao Ren's child.
Jacelyn Tay
Mo Yan
Main Villain
A professional con-artist who conned an organisation leader's daughter and subsequently took over the organisation as its leader.
Likes Hao Ren
Committed suicide
Shaun Chen
Chen Jun Wei
An undercover cop in the organisation
Hao Ren's long lost younger brother
Loves Ke Li
Zen Chong
Li Zi Guang
A con artist in the organisation who uses magician skills
Loves Mo Yan and detests Hao Ren
He is shot dead by Wang Bao.
Tong Bing Yu
Guo Ke Li
A con artist in the organisation.
Loves Jun Wei
Sentenced to be imprisoned at the end
Chen Shucheng
Pu Cheng Cai
A con artist in Hao Ren's group
Likes Shi Yun
Lin Meijiao
Zhang Shi Yun
A con artist in Hao Ren's group
Likes Cheng Cai
Tang Lingyi
Peng Jieqi
Xiao Gui Rogue 小鬼
Professional and talented hacker in Hao Ren's group
Adopted by Hao Ren as a sibling
She was killed by Jun Wei and donated her corneas to Xin Tong after her death
Darren Lim
Adam SuXin Tong's Ex-groom
Amateur con artist
Conned by Hao Ren and Ke Li and currently behind bars
Ye Shipin
Uncle Jian
Police officer
Hao Ren's confidant
Maligned and suspected as a mole in the police force
Lower-body paralysed after Jun Wei shot him
Zhang Wen Xiang
PeterDrug dealer
Killed by Mo Yan
Lina Ng
Zhao Xin Yi
Xin Tong's fake sister.
Chen Guohua
Cheng Kun
Hao Ren's benefactor
Ex-con artist
Drug dealer, foot massager
Huang Shinan
Wang Bao
Peter's "brother" from Taiwan
Caught by CID for drug dealing and weapon possession
Li Wenhai
Con Organisation "Dad" 老爸Mo Yan's father
Suffered from cancer and later committed suicide by firearms

Overseas broadcast

This drama is one of the first dramas to be broadcast exclusive in Malaysia after its first telecast of two weeks.

Country of Broadcast Broadcasting Network Debut Finale Preceded by Followed by
 Malaysia Astro Shuang Xing 25 October 2012 at 4.30pm, weekdays
(encore on 26 October at 3.30pm, weekdays)
21 November 2012
(encore on 22 November)
Poetic Justice It Takes Two
 China CCTV8 11 March 2014 at 5.00pm, weekdays

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Awards & Nominations

Game Plan clinched 1 out of 4 nominations in the Star Awards. Lin Meijiao received the Best Supporting Actress award. The other dramas nominated for Best Drama Series are Don't Stop Believin' , Unriddle 2 , Pillow Talk & Poetic Justice

Star Awards 2013

Nominee / WorkAwardAccoladeResult
Christopher Lee 李铭顺Star Awards 2013 Show 1
红星大奖2013 亮闪八方
Favourite Male Character
Christopher Lee 李铭顺
Jesseca Liu 刘子绚
Favourite Onscreen Couple (Drama)
Lin Meijiao 林梅娇Star Awards 2013
Best Supporting Actress
N/ABest Drama Serial


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