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Gallery Publishing Group is a general interest publisher and a division of Simon & Schuster that was formed in October Grammar 2012 to house a number of imprints including Gallery Books, Pocket Books and Scout Press. The main imprint is Gallery Books.

Gallery Publishing Group
Parent companySimon & Schuster
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationSimon & Schuster Building
New York City
Publication typesBooks

Jen Bergstrom is the Senior Vice President and Publisher.[1][2]


Simon & Schuster created the Gallery Books imprint in 2009 to unite the editorial teams of both Pocket Books and Simon Spotlight Entertainment or SSE.[3] Louise Burke was named executive vice-president and publisher of Gallery while Jennifer Bergstrom who had been publisher of SSE, would be editor-in-chief of Gallery Books.[3] Hardcovers and trade paperbacks that had been published under the Pocket Books and SSE imprints would be published under the Gallery name moving forward. Gallery would focus on women's fiction, pop culture and entertainment, as well as a broad range of categories.[3] At that time in 2009, other Pocket imprints such as Downtown Press, Karen Hunter Books, MTV Books, Star Trek, Threshold Editions and WWE were unaffected by the move. Many would later become part of the Gallery Books Group when it was created as its own division in 2012, but by 2018, North Star Way, Threshold, Karen Hunter Books and Mercury were spun-off of Gallery.[4]

In 2011, Glenn Beck signed a co-publishing deal with Simon & Schuster/Gallery for Mercury Ink.[5]

Simon & Schuster announced a reorganization in October 2012 that created four divisions of which Gallery Publishing Group is one.[4] The Gallery Publishing Group would consist of Gallery Books, Threshold Editions, Pocket Books, Pocket Star, MTV Books, and Karen Hunter Books.[6] Threshold Editions is a conservative imprint founded in 2006 by Mary Matalin.[7] Founded in 1939, Pocket Books publishes mass-market editions and was instrumental in introducing the pocket-size book to the American market. Pocket Star was relaunched as an e-book only imprint in 2012.[8] Karen Hunter Books was founded in 2007 by journalist Karen Hunter and is the home of celebrity authors such as Janet Jackson, Kris Jenner, Allen Iversion and Patti LaBelle.[9]

Gallery Books recognized the fan fiction trend in publishing by 2014.[10] Gallery Books made a move to by signing a multi-book deal with Anna Todd, author of fan fiction about One Direction on Wattpad, in 2014. The editors scrubbed One Direction from the work and add some new material along with a copy-edit--although they did not disguise the origin of the author or content.[10]

Gallery Books Group also signed a co-publishing deal with Omnific Publishing in 2014 to co-publish a set of titles and then provide all distribution for Omnific. Omnific is a romance publisher based in Los Angeles and founded in 2009.[11] The publish a number of romance sub-genres including contemporary, historical, paranormal, suspense and erotic romance.[11]

In 2015 Simon & Schuster launched Scout Press to publish literary fiction.[12][13] The first novel published was Did You Ever Have a Family by literary agent Bill Clegg.[13] In a New York Times interview, Jennifer Bergstrom described how Clegg's book would be the epitome of what they planned to publish in the new imprint, "It’s literary but very accessible, not precious, not fussy, not esoteric.”[14]

In July 2016, Gallery Books announced a new Graphics book line called Gallery 13 to publish both fiction and non-fiction for the adult audience. [15]

In August 2017, Jen Bergstrom became senior vice president and publisher following the retirement of Louise Burke after 16 years with the group.[1]


  • Gallery Books, general interest imprint
  • MTV Books, general interest imprint with focus on young adult and pop-culture
  • Pocket Books, mass market imprint of the Gallery group
  • Pocket Star, e-book only imprint of the Gallery group
  • Scout Press, a literary fiction imprint
  • Gallery 13, a graphic novel imprint
  • Saga Press, a science fiction and fantasy imprint

Notable authors

Simon & Schuster has published thousands of books from thousands of authors. This list represents some of the more notable authors at Gallery Books (those who are culturally significant or have had several bestsellers). For a more extensive list see List of Simon & Schuster authors.


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