Galeries d'Anjou

Galeries d'Anjou (corporately styled "CF Galeries d'Anjou" since September 2015) is a shopping mall located in the Anjou borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Major tenants include Hudson's Bay, Simons, The Brick, Saks Off 5th, Winners, and Sports Experts/Atmosphere. It is roughly 1,114,000 square feet (103,500 m2). Galeries d'Anjou also has stores around its parking lot including Best Buy and Rona l'entrepot

Galeries d'Anjou
LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Address7999, boulevard les Galeries d'Anjou
Opening dateAugust 8, 1968
DeveloperCemp Investments (planner)
Ain & Zakuta Ltd (builder) [1]
ManagementCadillac Fairview
OwnerCadillac Fairview (50%)
Ivanhoé Cambridge (50%)
No. of stores and services+- 175
No. of anchor tenants6
Total retail floor area1,114,000 sq ft (103,500 m2).[2]
No. of floors1
Parking6000 [2]

Galeries d'Anjou is one of Cadillac Fairview's four self-branded "fashion centres". The others are the Carrefour Laval, Fairview Pointe-Claire, and Les Promenades Saint-Bruno. Like Fairview Pointe-Claire (but unlike Carrefour Laval and Promenades Saint-Bruno), Galeries d'Anjou is co-owned by Ivanhoé Cambridge. Galeries d'Anjou is the smallest of the four "fashion centres" in terms of number of stores, and the only one located within the city limits of Montreal.


In 1967, the part of Radisson Street in Anjou was renamed Galeries d'Anjou Boulevard in honor of the upcoming shopping mall.

Galeries d'Anjou opened in 1968. Its original anchors were the department stores Simpsons and Eaton's, and the supermarkets Steinberg's and Dominion.[3] At the time, the mall was the joint property of Simpsons Limited and Cemp Investments, and managed by Fairview Corporation.[3] Upon its opening, Galeries d'Anjou was the second largest shopping centre in Canada, being surpassed only by Yorkdale in Toronto.[4]

In 1975, Simpsons and Cadillac Fairview announced the expansion of Galeries d'Anjou to bring the total size of the shopping centre from 750,000 to 1.1 million square feet.[5] As a result, 65 new stores opened on March 25, 1976 in a new mall wing that was anchored a few months later by Sears which inaugurated in August 1976. [6] [7][8]

In 1987, Galeries d'Anjou had approximately 170 tenants and was anchored by Simpsons, Eaton's, Sears, Steinberg's and Provigo.[9][10] On March 1989, Simpsons rebranded as The Bay.[11][12]

Galeries d'Anjou underwent through renovations for the second time of its history in 1993.[13] The mall did not increase in size this time, but it extensively had its floors, ceilings and door entrances redone. [14][13] Its anchors at the time were The Bay, Eaton's, Sears and Maxi.[13]

After Eaton's declared bankruptcy in 1999, Hudson's Bay Company acquired the lease of its first floor at Galeries d'Anjou for a new Zellers store that opened in Spring 2000.[15][16] The second floor of Eaton's was taken over by The Brick four years later in April 15, 2004.[17][18]

In 2002, Maxi (the former Steinberg's supermarket) closed to make room for an enlarged Sports Experts and new Atmosphere opened on September 3, 2003.[19]

On August 15, 2013, Galeries d'Anjou expanded with the arrival of a new Simons store. The store is located on the north side of the mall.[20] In addition to Simons, a handful of new or relocated tenants were added. While Simons itself was built on the mall's parking lot, the small tenants took the site of the former food court (and previously Dominion/Provigo) whose building was demolished to accommodate the expansion.

Target acquired the lease of the Zellers store in Galeries d'Anjou and converted the location into its own nameplate in 2013.[21][22] After Target closed all its stores in Canada, the site at Galeries d'Anjou was vacant for two years. Winners, Saks Off 5th and Old Navy opened in 2017 in the former Target location.[23]

The Sears at Galeries d'Anjou was among the stores that closed during the chain's final day in Canada on January 14, 2018.[24]

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